It’s been a logical evolution in the history of Alesis that they would become a leader in the development of electronic drum sets. Way back in the late 1980s, the Alesis HR-16 and its successor, the SR-16, became two of the most popular drum machines ever. The Alesis drum machines were then and are still preferred for their very natural and life-like drum sounds.

Alesis later released the DM5 rack-mount drum sound module which became THE drum module to use when triggering from acoustic drums or from sequencers. Following these successes, it was an easy transition for Alesis to design high-quality electronic drum sets.

They continue to innovate with great new drum set features such as RealHead drum pads, Surge Cymbals and more. Another typical Alesis feature is that they bring their products at relatively very low prices!

Here’s a rundown of the drum sound modules that power the Alesis line of great-sounding and fun-to-play electronic drum sets:

Alesis DM6: The Alesis DM6 module powers two set variations. It contains 108 sounds in 10 preset kits with 5 user kit locations. There are 40 preset patterns and one song location can save your performance. The DM6 USB Express set is small with 4 drums and 2 cymbals (hi-hat and crash/ride) which is enough for some players but you can add another drum pad and another cymbal pad. The DM6 Performance Kit comes with 5 drums and 3 cymbal. The DM6 has no additional inputs beyond the 5 and 3 version.

Alesis DM7:
This module drives a single set, the DM7 USB]. It has 418 sounds loaded into 50 preset kits and 30 user kit capability. There are 52 preset “songs” and you can record 10 more. The DM7 accommodates 5 drums and 3 cymbals with no additional inputs.

Alesis DM8: The Alesis DM8 module packs lots of fun and drives two set versions, the DM8 USB and the upgraded pads version DM8 Pro Kit. The DM8 packs a lot of punches with 750 sounds, 100 preset kits and 100 user kits along with 75 preset patterns and 25 user pattern spots. The DM8 sets come with 5 drums and 3 cymbals but the module has additional inputs for 2 more dual zone pads.

Alesis DM10:
The whizbang DM10 module drives two fantastic drum sets with its 1047 sounds, 100 preset kits, all of which can be overwritten to create up to 100 user kits, 75 preset patterns and 25 user patterns although the 75 presets can be over-written for up to 100 user patterns! The DM10 Studio Kit comes with 6 drums and 4 cymbals with 1 additional dual-zone pad input. The DM10 Pro Kit stands out dramatically. It comes with 5 drums and 3 cymbals but these are the Alesis SURGE cymbals, which are REAL cymbals with a clear coating that allows them to react like real cymbals but quietly, making them very unique cymbal triggers. The DM10 Pro set has inputs available for 3 more dual-zone pads.

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