It’s simply impossible to neglect the significance of content engagement during the climax of the digital age. Between the fusion of video, audio, social media and all other forms of recording technology, it has never been easier to engulf your audience with content regardless of topic.

Livestreaming has taken the social landscape by storm in recent years, and for good reason. Audiences tend to watch these more frequently, for longer durations of time and “engage” with bigger volume (like, share, comment, etc.) With video constantly evolving and manifesting itself into other versions of content consumption, it’s crucial to have the right tools for the job if this is your forte. The Roland VR-1HD AV Streaming Mixer is an absolute beast for the modern-day content creator, elevating your sound and look to professional levels.


Take it “back” now, y’all.

Highlighted by HDMI-driven inputs, computer-connectivity capabilities and multiple source-streaming options, this mixer has the legs to stand on for any kind of audio/video job. Three HDMI inputs give users the opportunity to connect, switch and stream cameras, presentations, gameplay, smartphones and other devices without hesitation.

Looks like something out of Star Wars.

The audio from your video source is blended with two XLR microphone inputs and dedicated line input. Because live broadcasting and streaming is at the crux of this mixer’s intent, a top-mounted mic input lets users go hands-free and headset-free at any time. Look ma, no hands!

Easy, Peasy

Sounding like a pro doesn’t need to be a painstaking, headache-inducing process. Conversely, the VR-1HD makes your life a heck of a lot easier, to accommodate to your busy schedule and one-person-show workflow. Stingers, which are short but memorable sound effects, can be generated and easily triggered with this mixer. Just like the masters on the airwaves, you can incorporate all sorts of custom sounds and music into your broadcast at the touch of a button. Simply press one of the four audio effects buttons, and viola.

Anyone with pink hair knows what the heck they’re talking about.

Video directing becomes almost automatic with this nifty mixer, giving you less to worry about during the production process. The VR-1HD switches cameras based on who’s speaking into their mic, in a podcast or interview setting. Speaking at the same time? A wide shot can capture both people, without any delay or hesitation. The same can be said for beat sync switching, where camera inputs will jump around based off tempo or musical changes.

Using the same technology as webcams, the VR-1HD simply hooks up to your computer via USB 3.0, ready for live casting and recording as soon as you are. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch or other significant streaming platforms, it’s a breeze to bring your content to life with this device.

For the Musician

For the record, the Roland VR-1HD can be used whether you’re a gamer, podcaster, commentator or creator of any kind – that’s the beauty of working digitally in today’s day and age. With that being said, musicians or content creators in any audio capacity would greatly benefit from having this digital juggernaut at their disposal.

“Felt cute, might delete later”.

Perhaps you’ve just finished a killer new track, and need your Instagram fan base to hear what you’ve been slaving over for the past few months. If you have a camera-of-choice, like a GoPro or PTZ, simply set it up through the VR- 1HD, navigate between auto-switch for multiple angles and transform your vocals with various effects. Musicians can actually mix their audio in real-time, with a ridiculously user-friendly interface. With the Auto Mixing function, levels are set accordingly, making sure you don’t talk over your new track or that the music isn’t too loud to drown out your commentary on how the lyrics were written.

Sounding your best is so crucial to ensuring the success of your livestream, so don’t sweat audio quality with the VR-1HD. Compression, EQ and gates are all built into this mixer, guaranteeing balanced frequencies and volume discrepancies. Sprinkle a little reverb on there, and you’ll sound like a pro in no time. This can be particularly useful if you’re singing over an instrumental, or recording a YouTube tutorial demonstrating how to use a certain feature in your DAW of choice.

Sound and look your best, no matter what the context. For getting into the nitty-gritty details about making a statement for livestreaming via the Roland VR-1HD, hit us up at today.