Roland TD-27KV: Everything You Need to Know

The TD-27KV is a 5-piece electronic drum set consisting of three 10” Tom Pads, a 12” Crash, a 13” Crash, 18” Digital Ride, 14” snare, the robust KD-10 kick pad, and a 10” Hi-Hat pad that is compatible with any standard Hi-Hat stand. It’s all held together by the compact yet sturdy MDS-2 Rack.

Heart of A Lion | The TD-27 Module

The heart of this amazing kit is the all new TD-27KV module which borrows the Prismatic Sound Modeling technology of Roland’s flagship TD-50 Set. The module is ready to rock with 55 complete preset kits and offers an additional 45 user preset slots so you can take full advantage of the onboard library of over 700 instruments. If you can’t find the sound you’re looking for within this incredible library, have no fear as the module provides an SD Card Slot for importing additional samples. The module’s streamlined user interface is highlighted by 4 easy to reach knobs that give you one-spin control over instrument selection, level control, tuning, and muffling.

In addition to Prismatic Modeling, the TD-27KV also offers the same Snare and Ride components as the Flagship TD-50, giving you the benefits of Roland’s comprehensive positional sensing. This allows the drums and cymbals to sound slightly different depending on the exact point of contact.

The back of the module provides incredible versatility for live and studio work. In addition to a traditional stereo output that can be plugged into a basic drum amplifier or Front of house PA, the module offers two additional sets of assignable direct outputs. The module also functions as a pristine USB Audio interface offering up to 28 channels that can be sent directly to your DAW of choice. Of course you can also record directly to the module itself which is a great practice feature. For general jamming/practice, the module’s built in bluetooth enables you to wirelessly play along with your favorite tracks that are stored on your smartphone.