Roland TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Kit: Everything You Need To Know

The Roland TD-1DMK is fantastic for anyone looking for a drum kit that has an authentic and comfortable feel that can help you become a better drummer thanks to its intuitive TD1 Module!

Authentic and comfortable feel

To make this one of Roland’s best playing kits, they made it Double Mesh which is dual ply mesh heads that are cross-woven for durability, feel and triggering sensibility allowing for more accurate ghost notes and double strokes. The TD1-DMK is a 5-piece kit that features 3 PDX6A toms, 1 PDX8 snare that is dual zone, and ZY5 cymbal pads that are velocity sensitive so sounds change the harder you hit them. With the bass drum pads, you can accommodate double bass drum pedals that conveniently attach to the rack.

TD1 Module

The TD1 Module is the central part of this entire kit. It’s packed with 15 preset kits so you can choose from a myriad of different acoustic and electronic percussion sounds, as well as 15 songs of various genres to play along with and practice on. If you decide you want to play to a metronome, it’s as easy as a push of a button, with another press allowing you to change the subdivision to play in different meters. If you want to play with different audio sources, it has an 1/8 inch input for external devices and an 1/8 inch output for headphones to listen in private. There’s even a USB port to connect your drum kit to a computer to send MIDI information to VSTs or your favorite DAW!

Will Help you become a better drummer

Not only is the TD1 Module responsible for your sound, it also has multiple coaching functions to help you get your drumming chops better than ever before, regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro. You can build a better sense of time using Time Check, Tempo Check and Quiet Count; learn better control dynamics of your strokes with Stroke Balance, use the Timer for practicing a preset length of time, and the Recording Function to hear back what you just played for reference.

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