If you’re familiar with the TD-50 series, you’ll have no problem getting settled with this kit as they share the same DNA and comes in three models: the TD-17KL, the TD017KV and the TD-17KVX . All of them come equipped with 300 sounds to choose from, 50 preset kits to get right into playing your favorite grooves, and 50 user kits for you to create kits featuring your preferred sounds.

Have you created your own drum sounds you want to add to the kit? Simply import any wav file via SD card, assign it to any pad of your choosing and you’re good to go! Combined with it’s powerful sound engine, you can layer sounds either with two internal sounds, an internal sound and a wav file, or two wav files you’ve imported! The more creative you are, the more possibilities you have for drum sounds!

All of these features might intimidate people into thinking it is difficult to use but with it’s simple interface and no need for menu diving, you’ll be able to operate these kits in no time! On the module you also have the follow features:

  • Assign to assign sounds to the pads of your choosing
  • Level control for mix control
  • User Sample to select any sounds you’ve imported via SD card
  • Tuning to tune your drum pads or make your cymbals sound like different sized cymbals, much like on acoustic drums
  • Muffling to simulate adding tape, felt, or donuts to any pads to muffle the overtones
  • Other for ambience control, multi effects, and pad EQ

Two modes that can make for some really interesting performances are Fade In mode and Switch mode. With Fade In mode, you can have layered sounds and when you hit a drum with more velocity, the other sound you chose to go with a pad will come in gradually. Switch mode allows you to have two sounds on a pad and one will play at lower velocity hits and will “switch” to the other sound when the pad is played at a high velocity.

If you go with either the TD-17KV or the TD-17KVX, you’ll get the following:

  • Comes equipped with a PDX-12 snare pad. If you go with the TD-17KVX, you’ll also get the VH-10 hi-hat pad which can sit on any standard hi-hat stand and moves up and down much like a real hi-hat.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to wireless stream music from your smart device to your kit and jam along with your favorite tracks!

Regardless of the kit you get, it will come with a KD-10 bass drum pad that won’t inch away when hit like some standard drum pedals tend to do, is big enough in diameter for setting up a double bass pedal and has new and improved pads to feel more like an acoustic kit. Feel free to jam to your hearts content without They also come with noise eater hardware for the base of your foot pedal to help reduce contact noise that can travel through the floor and disturb your downstairs neighbors or people with adjacent rooms. All of the TD-17 kits are small enough for a small studio or bedroom apartment but rugged enough for gigs on the road. A great kit for anyone looking for a powerful, comfortable electronic drum kit without sacrificing space or creativity!

You can purchase the TD-17KL, the TD17-KV, the TD-17KVX and more Roland drum products at Sam Ash Music Stores and online at samash.com