J Rockett Audio Designs Archer Overdrive Pedals

Join Sam Ash Vintage Guitar Expert, Mike Rock as he reviews the Archer Gold and Archer Silver overdrive pedals from J Rockett Audio Designs. Based on one of the world’s most sought after pedals, the Klon Overdrive, the Archer Pedals combine a great sounding overdrive and a very useful clean boost within a single Stompbox. The Archer Gold will have a slightly brighter overdrive tone but according to Mr. Rock, both pedals do an excellent job of not coloring your tone but providing that extra output to turn heads and cut through the mix.

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Mike Rock
A fixture in the Rock and Roll guitar community since 1978, Mike Rock is the “Go-To” source for Sam Ash's most intricate questions involving Guitars and related gear. A collector whose true passion is playing, Mike has performed over 2,500 gigs around the world. Mike began his musical journey studying the trumpet. While buying sheet music for a recital, Mike first heard an electric guitar through a fuzz box. Forty years later, he still maintains that the fuzz WAS germanium based (he is a bit crazy). This encounter drove Mike to his first guitar and a tube amp. Soon his guitar was heavily modified and the amp was on its 3rd replacement speaker. Mike was hunting for tone and blowing guitar speakers before there was a “boutique” or “vintage” market. It wasn’t long before Mike was buying, and validating vintage guitars and gear for some of the biggest companies in the world, finally finding a home assisting mentor and friend Sammy Ash, at the place where he heard that first Fuzz Guitar, so many years ago. Mike still performs regularly and recognizes the history and beauty of vintage and modern gear. Mike is aware not everyone is a collector and most players need a set up that works for the sound they chase, regardless of its pedigree, or vintage or status.