Review & Video: Samson Synth Seven Wireless Mic

Digital DJ Tips reviews the Samson Synth Seven Wireless:

If you’re a wedding DJ managing “father of the bride”-type speeches (where the “top table” may be a long way from your DJ booth), or a corporate DJ where the companies you work with expect a professional wireless system, or just a festival organiser or rave DJ who wants his or her MC to be able to roam free from wires, then a wireless mic is a good idea. Trouble is, in my experience, they are unreliable, at least at the lower end of the market… and brides and CEOs are not people you want to let down.

We like this Samson unit because although it’s more expensive than bargain-bucket wireless systems, it appears to be both technically and build-wise far superior to such entry level units, and the performance suggests that its quality is also far better. Indeed, it reminded us of more expensive systems from names like AKG and Sennheiser, but not at those elevated price levels.

Overall, if you’re a pro wedding or corporate DJ, an event organiser, or have other reasons why you need a high quality, reliable wireless microphone as part of your DJ gear, you should definitely consider the Samson Synth Seven.