In the bustle of show promotion, social media outreach, company emails, transportation methods, catered food or any other obstacle getting in the way of your perfect music atmosphere, it’s easy to forget or miscalculate what you need to maximize your space. It can also be expensive to shell out the money for a big PA system when you only need the unit for a one-time gig or party.

We understand that dilemma. Whether it’s a restaurant gig, company party or New Year’s Eve bash, this handy-dandy list lays out all of the PA system rentals available with Sam Ash for any-and-all events. At reasonable prices with guaranteed sonic quality, you can take a sigh of relief knowing that no matter where you need music played, we’ve got you covered.

Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Microphone & Wireless Receiver Package

What kills the vibe of a party worse than not being able to find an outlet for your speaker, that you promised would blast “sweet jams, dude!”? At Sam Ash, we really hope that you wouldn’t refer to songs that way. We also hope you’d follow through with your playlist promises the right way. Whether it’s a backyard party, company picnic, karaoke night or house-warming event, the Samson Expedition XP106w delivers stadium-style sound without cable restraints or outlets. Gone are the days of hauling around a bulky PA system with nowhere to plug it in; with the XP106w, efficiency and sonic excellence go hand-in-hand.

When renting this robust unit, you can rest assured knowing that your audio options are plentiful. Pair the XP106w with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, to DJ your event like a pro. A 20-hour battery ensures that, like Sammy Adams, you can party all night longer. Let’s just say you’re looking to incorporate a jam session into your musical festivities. An onboard mixer lets users do exactly that, granting access for your shredding guitarist, killer keyboardist, booming bassist and any other instrumentalists of your choosing.

What’s Included:

2 Speakers with Bluetooth Streaming Capabilities, Mixer & Speaker Stands Package

Power meets performance in this sizzling Samson package. Powered by a robust 1000-watt Class D amplifier, the Samson Expedition XP1000 boasts impressive sound with a myriad of options for connectivity. Bluetooth-enabled, you can wirelessly stream music from a smartphone, tablet or laptop with this system. This proves to be wildly successful for parties, special events, presentations and even for educational purposes.

Perhaps you’re a gigging musician looking for a quick solution to your rig troubles? Renting the XP1000 may work in your benefit, especially if you don’t have the time to master a new system with time of the essence. The onboard mixer features four Mic/Line input channels, each with XLR and ¼” inputs for connecting microphones or active-line level instruments. Each channel can have Bass and Treble frequencies manipulated, as well as compressor options to prevent overload. For vocalists, you can get creative with 16 preset DSP effects, geared towards maximizing your sound and performance.

What’s Included:

Active Loudspeakers, Stands & Mic Cables Package

Don’t be fooled by its lightweight frame and lean physique; the X12D is fueled by 1,000 watts of output power and Samson’s very own R.A.M.P. DSP technology for full-range, high-definition audio regardless of volume level. Where this speaker may come in handy is bigger party atmospheres or music-heavy events; that playlist is going to have a TON of thick low-end with bowel-busting bass for the dance floor. Rest assured that nothing gets muddy or distorted with a 12” extended low-frequency driver and accompanying 1.34” compressor driver. The two work harmoniously to guarantee a well-rounded, articulate and pristine audio experience.

Given the shape and size of this unit, it may be perfect for stage monitoring in a pinch. Tilt it, place it on its side, rotate it – you have a myriad of options for maximizing live sound in any number of settings. And with R.A.M.P. technology designed to correct audio signals, elite-quality audio is virtually never lost.

What’s Included:

Active Loudspeaker, Subwoofer, Stands & Mic Cables Package

Much like its X12D sibling, the Samson Auro X15D possesses a lightweight frame and build, but delivers stellar-sounding audio covering an impressively wide frequency range. Musicians, DJs, preachers, live sound professionals – this is exactly the unit you need to captivate your audience with sonic clarity and definition.

Rugged and designed to last, you can take the X15D on the road without worries. A rigid polypropylene casing ensures a protective shield when you’re traveling between gigs. This is particularly helpful for renting, as well.

In addition to receiving these, this package also includes the Samson RSX18A 18” Subwoofer, to satisfy your lust for low-end. With 2,000 watts of power and high-definition bass that your entire body will feel, the RSX18A is an ideal fixture for live sound reinforcement in multiple settings. Whether it’s Europe’s next big DJ, that nostalgic emo band coming into town or any other live-based situation, this subwoofer offers maximum durability and incredible sonic depth. Balanced XLR stereo high pass outputs can be used for running satellite speakers or daisy chaining with other subwoofers. This rental can truly take your performance to the next level.

What’s Included:

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