In Africa, one of the djembe’s functions is as a healing drum. Djembe drums have become very popular in recent years not only because of the infusion of African and Middle Eastern musical styles into popular music but also because djembe drums lend themselves to a wide range of music. A variety of sounds can be pulled from a djembe (pronounced “GEM-bay”) drum, from the deep and booming “bottom” tone to the bright, singing “top” sound. A djembe can easily be played to emulate a set of congas or bongos and the kick and snare of a drum set as well as the music that djembes are usually associated with. That’s why djembes have become “the one drum” to carry!

Remo Acousticon Djembe Shells

Remo Djembes are based on the same traditional djembe tone and form combined with their modern advances, particularly the Remo Acousticon® drum shell made in the USA. Remo’s proprietary Acousticon® is an environmentally friendly shell material made with 100% recycled wood fibers. Acousticon djembe shells have all of the tone and resonance of solid wood shells but are much lighter (more portable!) and less expensive to manufacture. This results in a great-sounding and durable drum that comes in a wide and dramatic variety of designer’s touches and fabric finishes, looks as dramatic as it sounds and sounds better than it costs!

Remo Tunable Djembe Sizes

Remo tunable djembe sizes run from a top, or drumhead, diameters of 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 18” with the 14” size having a slight edge in popularity because it is not too big to carry conveniently and not too small to lose the big bottom tone. Go bigger if you want bigger, boomier tones or choose a smaller size for a higher range and sweet top tones. Different-sized djembes played together by two or more drummers sound fantastic!

Why Key-Tuned Djembes?

Unlike traditional fixed-head or rope-tuned djembes, Remo has led the field with the great advance of its key-tuned djembe drumheads. You can easily re-tune your Remo djembe to the dominant pitch you prefer and, in the rare event that your djembe drumhead becomes worn out or torn, it can be very easily replaced. The Remo newly engineered key-tuned “Contour” lug brackets make tuning more precise than ever.

Remo Djembe Drum Heads vs. Animal-hide Heads

Remo is first and foremost a manufacturer of drumheads. Remo first found great success in making drumheads for acoustic drums, replacing calfskin with highly-specialized polyester film materials that well emulated the warm tone and easy response of calfskin while being far more durable and also, immune to fluctuations of the pitch and tone of the drumhead caused by temperature and humidity of changes in the weather.

In the 1980s, Remo began applying this technology to the making of drumheads for world percussion instruments. As they accomplished with drum set heads, Remo has dramatically succeeded in creating authentic-sounding, weatherproof and extremely durable drumheads for djembes.

Remo Mondo™ Drumheads

In 1992, the Mondo™ drumhead (“mondo” is Italian for “world”) introduced a new era of innovative drumhead manufacturing, increasing the possibilities for Remo World Percussion. This development provided a pre-shaped drumhead, specific to the new Remo drums that allowed for easy tuning and replacement while creating a very natural and traditional sound. Then later creating the Skyndeep™ drumheads for djembes, congas and bongos, Remo had a drumhead that precisely replicated the look and the feel of real animal hide heads, bringing a completely authentic playing experience to their expanding series of djembes.

Remo Skyndeep™ Drumheads

Remo Skyndeep™ drumheads are mounted on the Remo Infinity, Designer, Leon Mobley, Apex and the original Key-Tuned Series djembes. The Advent djembe comes with a Remo Suede drumhead which is a popular drumhead for standard drum sets and sounds great on the Apex.

Skyndeep™ Graphic drumheads are featured on the Infinity, Designer and Leon Mobley series of djembes are decorative drumheads that are made using a proprietary ink embedding process, embedding unique designs into the head while maintaining the integrity of a great sounding drumhead with warm, crisp and vibrant tones. In other words, the Remo Skyndeep™ Graphic drumheads sound fantastic and look really cool, too!

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