Arguably the most powerful, compact mixer on the market, the QSC TouchMix-30 Pro provides big board sound quality and functionality in a small, convenient package. With 32 mixing channels, 16 outputs, and a 10″ touch screen display, this little giant can handle everything from small and large bands, to performance venues and professional events. The TouchMix-30 Pro also has recording capabilities; allowing users to capture audio directly to a USB drive, or connect to a computer and use it as a full 32-channel DAW interface. With the latest firmware update from QSC, the TouchMix-30 Pro is without a doubt one of the most flexible, versatile, and advanced digital mixers available.

Touch Screen Interface

The TouchMix-30 Pro features a 10″ multi-touch, color screen which provides access to all fader and mixer parameters. Touch calibration is available, allowing users to adjust for whether they are sitting, standing, or running around. The display is big, bold, and bright, making it easy to use (and easy to see) in any venue or studio. QSC has also color-coded all of your auxes, making it simple to switch over to an aux from your main mix and back at a moment’s notice. To the right of the touch screen are access buttons, 8 of which can be assigned with the shortcuts of your choosing, making for quick and smooth operation. An encoder wheel allows for fine adjustments and, once comfortable with the mixer, users can utilize the encoder wheel and touch screen simultaneously. The TouchMix Control app allows users to mix remotely on both iOS and Android devices.

Flexible Signal Management

Opting for a touch screen in place of faders allows more room for some serious I/O. Not only do you have 32 mixing channels (24 mic/line, 6 line/stereo USB), but you also have 2 main outputs (XLR/line) and 14 auxes (XLR/line). Users have the added flexibility of sending stereo in-ear monitor mixes via auxes 11/12 and 13/14, sending two stereo monitor mixes, or two stereo cue mixes when recording. With the introduction of firmware version 2.0, the TouchMix-30 Pro provides even more flexibility such as supporting 3 custom fader banks of 8 channels each for a more versatile and personalized channel display, and allowing external control by third-party, motorized fader control surfaces directly to the mixer via MIDI-over-USB.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

The best thing about the TouchMix-30 Pro is that audio engineers of any skill level can use this mixer with ease thanks to an intuitive workflow. QSC has developed Wizards for things like Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning, making it very simple to create a good, quick mix no matter what venue you’re in. Users are also provided with two real time analyzers (RTA) that display channel tonal balance and room response instantly. You also have access to a wide variety of mixing presets right out of the box. Amateur audio engineers and professionals alike can benefit from these tools, allowing each to craft the best mix that they can.