QSC K8.2: The Perfect Speaker For Acoustic Guitar Players

Despite a modest 8” size and efficient setup, the QSC K8.2 Loudspeaker demonstrates remarkable low-end, sonic clarity and durability courtesy of a rugged exterior. Throw all of these ingredients into a musical soup and you end up with a piping-hot, audio-satisfying professional loudspeaker for entertainment and gigging purposes.

Not only does this speaker boast an epic 2,000 Watts of power, but it features onboard DSP for EQ, delay, reverb and various venue settings to accommodate to your sonic space. You’ll also be able to manipulate your gain levels and use input number two as a dedicated high-Z. This becomes particularly useful for acoustic guitarists looking to maximize their sound without hauling additional gear around.

For guitarists who are regularly gigging, or perhaps varying their performance settings on a nightly basis, you’re able to save “scenes” that sound perfect for whatever venue you’re in. Whether it’s a restaurant, night club, coffee house or retirement home (your agent is sorry about that last one), you’ll be able to recall the ideal mix settings for wherever your talents bring you. This can even be done in a studio atmosphere; pull up the Studio Monitor setup through the DSP and hear your mix the way an engineer would. The QSC K8.2 Loudspeaker is a must-have for gigging musicians, particularly singer-songwriters and acoustic guitarists.