Corey Congilio dropped by and shared his wealth of knowledge on the new QSC CP12 Powered Speaker. As Corey seamlessly demonstrates, this speaker is an excellent option for plugging in your favorite acoustic and dialing in a beautiful vocal tone. It’s also great for keyboardists, as well as hooking up an auxiliary source and bumping tunes.

QSC drew on its years of experience to put out this top-notch design. The 1000-watt, 12″ speaker is constructed to be compact, rugged, and durable, allowing it to be transported and mounted in whatever way you need it to be. It comes with dual inputs with individual gain controls, a contour knob which allows you to select a convenient preset such as “Dance” or “Speech,” and a Stereo Aux channel. There’s also a Post Gain Mix Output so you can adopt this speaker to other speakers and sound systems, achieving the greatest live sound possible.

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