This venerable V-Drums Acoustic Design Kit is superbly compact for tight stages and at-home use. Its cutdown, shallow shells, cymbal boom arms, and TD-17 sound module all help to maintain a classic acoustic feel and Roland sound, without the cumbersome, heavy lifting of other models.




Streamlined with all full-size wooden shells, the new V-Drums VAD-503 Acoustic Design Kit gives way to authentic acoustic tone. Realistic sound, response, and presence is provided with Roland‘s multi-sensor triggers, PureAcoustic Ambience Technology, and Prismatic Sound Modeling of the advanced TD-27 module.



Drum roll please… Roland‘s V-Drums VAD-506 Acoustic Design Kit gives you the stylish vivacity of an acoustic kit with all the control and digital perks of an electric set. Crafted with full-size shells wrapped in a glamorous Midnight Sparkle finish, this kit includes high-resolution cymbals, multi-sensor triggers, and more to deliver accurate dynamics and expression every time you make a hit.



Carefully wired with Roland‘s Prismatic Sound Modeling, 100 drum kits, 728 instruments, and PureAcoustic Ambience Technology, the TD-27 Sound Module makes quick selections and customization a cinch. Import any .wav sample, use the onboard Bluetooth to drum along to music from a smartphone or laptop, or take advantage of the integrated 28-channel USB audio interface on this amazing module.



Immerse yourself in the premium drumming experience of the new Roland V-Drums TD-27KV Kit. Coupling all the TD-27 Sound Module has to offer with multi-ply mesh heads, large-diameter pads and cymbals, and ultra-high definition dynamic and nuance detection, this spacious kit has all the distinctive flair of an acoustic set plus all the conveniences of an electronic set for developing drummers and professionals alike. See our video of the TD-27KV here:


APC-10 All Purpose Clamp

Mount your V-Drums sound module to a cymbal stand with ease using the Roland APC-10 All Purpose Clamp. Made for use on electronic or acoustic kits, it has a telescoping slider for comfortable positioning, and ample thread length to clamp on to thick tubes.


CY-14C-T V-Cymbal

This Roland V-Cymbal Crash has organic motion and a fluid feel. 40% thinner than previous models, its dual-trigger sensors allow for natural, independent sounds in different surface areas of the cymbal. Let it swing in the mode, or choke it like a genuine acoustic cymbal.


CY-16R-T V-Cymbal

Fitting into the same thin family of V-Cymbals, the CY-16R-T Ride has smooth motion, improved stick feel, and can be use as a ride or crash cymbal when connected to the Roland TD-27 Sound Module. It also has better response with 3 triggers (for the bow, bell, and edge).


DBS-10 Cymbal Boom Stand

Telescoping, double-braced, and finished off in heavy-duty chrome, this sleek Roland cymbal boom stand will be right at home in your V-Drums kit. Three sections of tubing plus a geared tilter provide you with flexible positioning options.


DCS-10 Combination Cymbal/Tom Stand

This chrome-finished combination stand by Roland features three double-braced legs for stable placement. An L-rod tom mount with a ball joint enables you to adjust it as you please without changing the overall stand height. Use the boom arm section as is, or stow it in the down tube to create a straight cymbal stand.


KD-180L-BK Bass Drum

Crafted from shallow-depth wood, this 18″x7″ Roland kick drum is compact, yet retains a powerful and natural sound. Once you the hit the beater, the air pressure inside the drum gets vented while your hits are picked up via a head trigger for accurate sound detection and reproduction.


KD-200-MS Bass Drum

Bringing the same high-level sound quality and accuracy to the table as the KD-180L-BK, the KD-200-MS is a premium, full-sized shell version, standing at 20″x16″. Wrapped in a Midnight Sparkle finish, it will give your Roland drum kit the extra energy you desire.

PDA100-MS V-Pad

From the side, the Roland PDA100-MS looks like a true 10″x7″ acoustic tom, but on the top it’s capped with a dual-zone 2-ply mesh head, and inside it has independent head and rim triggers. Along with an advanced sensor that eliminates hot spots, your playing with shine through this drum’s Midnight Sparkle Wrap finish with glittering accuracy.

PDA120-MS V-Pad

Taking things up a notch with a 12″x8″ construction, the stylish Roland PDA120-MS carries all the advanced design features of the expressive and responsive PDA100-MS, but gives you a fuller, more immersive tone.


PDA140F-MS V-Pad

This premium Roland floor tom pad is built with a 14″x14″ full-depth wooden shell, 3-ply mesh top head, 2-ply mesh bottom head, and dual zones for head and rim triggering. Aesthetically pleasing and digitized to your convenience, its heavy-duty chrome hardware will stay in shape for years to come.