New From NAMM: Dunlop continues to impress with it’s varied, high-quality pedal offerings and killer accessories. If you like fuzz, wah, or Green Day, you’ll definitely want to check out what new effects Dunlop has to offer in 2020. Bassists and looper fans, there’s something for you here too. 

M267 MXR Octavio

The timeless effect made famous by one James Marshall Hendrix is now available in a pedalboard-friendly, blazing white MXR housing. Experience the outer limits of silicone saturation with the Octavio. The simple two-control interface coaxes out legendarily searing, synth-like tones. Adjust your Level and Fuzz knobs to change the volume and intensity, and hear the beauty of this unique pedal.

CSP027 MXR Custom Shop Timmy Mini

Designed with veteran Nashville pedal builder Paul Cochrane, the MXR Timmy Overdrive gives an enormous, responsive range of persistent and textured tones, which enhance the sound of your rig while still letting its tonal character shine through. The straight forward controls let you adjust bass, gain, volume, treble, and choose from three different clipping styles to cover a multitude of situations.

QZ1 Crybaby Q-Zone Fixed Wah

With this wild CryBaby you can get the sound of a wah – no rocker necessary. Encapsulated in standard MXR housing, this wah pedal allows you to boost your effect signal and adjust the bandpass shape from wide to narrow, with the Volume and Q Zone controls respectively. “Peak” serves as the rocker pot you’d find on a standard wah—you can set the frequency center of the effect, leave it at your sweet spot, and rock on.

2.5″ Tri-Glide Strap Black

The technology used to make this 2.5″ wide strap makes it easy to adjust the strap length on the fly, thanks to the tri-glide adjuster. It’s designed with lax, comfortable leather that sits comfortably on the shoulder, molds to you, and provides a lifetime of use.


MXR Clone Looper Pedal

The Clone Looper gives you the power to be your own backing band — and really show your stuff. This pedal lets you weave intricate sonic tapestries live or in the studio, thanks to easy, intuitive controls. Record loops up to 6 minutes long, with unlimited dubs, which are still retained when powered off. Quickly undo your most recent dub, change the speed of your loop, or reverse it entirely. You can even connect to an MXR Tap Tempo switch, expression pedal, or DVP volume pedal to adjust. The Clone Looper is here to help you rock the world, all on your own.

MXR Dookie Drive Pedal

Is Dookie one of your favorite albums of all time? Yeah, you’re not alone. With this MXR drive pedal, you can get the dirty, punchy overdrive sound that Billie Joe Armstrong used on Green Day’s Dookie in a killer pedal. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the album’s release, the Dookie Drive pedal features limited edition artwork which celebrates the release of Green Day’s “The Father of All…” record. It showcases the album cover’s unicorn, over brushed aluminum housing. This pedal ultimately captures the dirty yet articulate sound Billie Joe Armstrong used on that record, combining the sounds of two modded amplifiers into a single stomp box, for a harmonic range full of depth and dimension.




MXR Thump Bass Preamp

Hey, bass players—MXR didn’t forget about you. The Thump Bass Preamp combines the magic of the Echoplex Preamp, with a three-band EQ, plus midrange frequency adjustment. If you’re punching up a solo, increasing your signal to a live mix, or sculpting a little more presence into the sound of a passive bass, the Thump Bass Preamp packs unparalleled power, all within MXR mini housing.