Gamers have E3, Tech Aficionados have CES, and we musicians have Winter NAMM! For those not in the know, NAMM stands for National Association for Music Merchants, an annual music retail trade show where nearly every manufacturer in the music industry shows off their latest and greatest products and others in the industry share ideas, tips, and tricks to becoming better businesspeople and musicians!

We got the inside scoop of many of the new and cool products unveiled at the show and have many of them listed below and as we get more information we’ll be updating this page daily!


Apogee Symphony Desktop

Preamps, FX plugins and absurdly high-quality audio as far as the eyes (and ears) can see. The Apogee Symphony Desktop delivers unprecedented sound quality sought after by the industry’s busiest players, with 24bit/192Khz AD/DA resolution and 2 Advanced Stepped Gain mic preamps leading the sonic charge. Engineers and producers will salivate when using the British Solid State and American Tube mic preamps, in addition to the Symphony EQ, Compressor and Reverb FX Plugins for an optimal mix experience.


Azumi Special Edition Azumi Flute

Azumi’s Special Edition Flute is breaking in the new year with a sparkling, sterling silver body. Finely complemented by a rose gold plated lip plate and crown that give this flute a striking visual presence, it also features an Altus Bennett body scale and Altus headjoint design flautists of all kinds will love.


Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT

Boss has redefined the acoustic performance amp, thanks to mountains of effort and advanced R & D. A powerful 60 watt bi-amp design works in harmony with the custom full-range speaker system in each model, providing vibrant, high-definition tone that naturally projects the true acoustic qualities of your instrument. The Acoustic Singer Live LT gives you what you need to rock any unplugged session — and holds off on anything you don’t. The guitar channel features delay/chorus and reverb, plus a three band EQ, ensuring natural amplified tone. The mic channel also has its own three band EQ, delay/echo, and reverb, plus an enhance effect to highlight your vocal prowess.  A phase switch and notch filter give you the finest sound quality — and with the loaded rear panel, you can interface with PA systems, music players, computers, and more.

Boss Katana Artist MkII

The Katana-Artist MkII elevates the premier model in the Katana lineup with next-generation features and flexibility. This is 100-watt combo features a custom Waza 12-inch speaker, which produces class-defying power, authoritative punch, and cutting presence. Boss has revoiced all five of the amp sounds giving you double the original offerings, plus they’ve expanded the onboard effects categories from three to five. The controls on the front panel allow you to shape the sound of this Katana to your own unique expression, using a three-way Contour switch, Global EQ, and Solo boost with adjustable level. With powerful new dual amp functionality, it’s easy to link and control two Katana-Artist MkIIs for massive, ultra-wide tones. To top it all off, they’ve updated the BOSS Tone Studio editor software for customizing sounds with over 60 BOSS effects and a newly added editor feature includes pre and post EQs, dedicated Pedal FX, and more.

Dunlop Manufacturing

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Earthquaker Devices

Earthquaker Devices Afterneath V3

EarthQuaker Devices designed this beast of a pedal to create the reverberating sounds of deep, dark cave. Is it somewhere in the American Southwest or deep inside your mind? The answer doesn’t matter. It’s perfect regardless. The naturally excellent reverb quality can be shaped and bent to your exacting specifications. “Diffuse” allows you to adjust the spread of the reverb, while “Dampen” changes the brightness of the effect. “Drag” parses out the individual decay lines and operates in one of 9 different modes—each affording a unique tonal change. It can also be adjusted by an external expression pedal. The Aftermath also has “Length,” “Mix,” and “Reflect” knobs, which adjust the reverb trial length, balances the effect in the mix, and controls regeneration. All this, with a completely analog dry signal path, buffered bypass with Flexi Switch Technology and a tails/no tails option on bypass. No doubt, the EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3 will rock your world.


Electro-Voice PXM-12MP

Nope, this isn’t a typo or misprint: Electro-Voice does powered monitors. The first of its kind, the Electro-Voice PXM-12MP Powered Monitor boasts a low-weight design and maximum 90 x 90 degree coverage for a killer sonic experience. Whether it’s as a monitor, guitar cab or side fill, this unit comes ready to rock the house no matter what setting. A 700 W Amp promises loud, clear audio, and a frequency range of 53 Hz to 20.0 kHz taps into all of those colors in the sonic rainbow.

Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M Portable Column System

Let’s leave your sub-par audio systems in the 2010’s, shall we? A jack-of-all-trades, master-of-all audio juggernaut, the Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M Portable Column System is compact, lightweight and ready to be a fixture in all of your sound setups. Jamming acoustically? The EVOLVE 30M has superior coverage, a widened frequency range and unparalleled sound quality to bring your performances to life. Users will also find this system is perfect for bars, coffee shops, tailgates, house parties and more!


Fender Eric Johnson Virginia Stratocaster

When Eric Johnson made his debut in 1988 at Austin City Limits, he had a uniquely powerful guitar in hand. “Virginia,” as it was known, was a rare, modified, sassafras-bodied 1954 Strat, named after a label found inside the pickup routes. Fender is now offering incredible 1:1 Virginia replicas, Masterbuilt by Carlos Lopez, and limited to only 50 produced. This impeccably detailed recreation features a Sassafras body, AAAA flame maple neck, and custom hand-wound single-coils, with a fat-sounding DiMarzio HS2 humbucking bridge pickup. Special intricacies from the original guitar include a single Graph Tech String Saver saddle on the high E, a flat washer on the output jack, and a specially cut nut — Fender even matched the actual pot values and removed one spring from the rear cavity, just like the original. This Custom Shop beauty is one to be revered.

Fender The Lead II & III Electric Guitars

NAMM 2020 showcased two additional Fender models for the intermediate player. The new “Lead” guitars are a part of the Player Series and fall into Fender’s “nice quality for a nice price” range. They both feature a unique Lead double-cutaway body shape, dual toggle switches, and a hardtail bridge. The Lead II sports dual-slanted Player series single-coil pickups, while the Lead III features a set of hot alnico Player humbucking pickups. On the Lead II the toggle switches are for pickup selection and phase reverse. The Lead III has toggle switches for pickup selection and coil-splitting. These guitars are not just bold and audacious in design and sound, but sport the look of powerful rock instruments, featuring colors like Neon Green, Crimson Red, and Purple Metallic.

Fender ’64 Custom Princeton Reverb Amplifier

Vintage Fenders command nearly as much money as they do respect. It seems the quality of construction and authenticity of sound will never be forgotten by the purists. Yet, for those players who can’t quite muster up that much cash, but still need the pretty chime of a vintage Princeton Reverb amplifier, Fender has this beautiful model. This premium amplifier features a hand-wired AA1164 circuit with tube-driven spring reverb and tremolo, Fender Vintage Blue tone capacitors, and a 10” Jensen alnico P10-R speaker. It’s packed with delicious vintage tube tone, thanks to three 12AX7 tibes, one 12AT7 preamp tube, 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier tube, and a matched pair of 6V6 power tubes. Extra heavy textured vinyl covering with lightly aged silver cloth grille cloth completes the vintage vibe.

Gibson Brands

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Hohner Anacleto Limited Edition Stellar III Accordion

Only available for a limited edition run, Hohner‘s Anacleto Stellar III Accordion comes in your choice of a beautiful black or red design with pearl essence accents and soft, decorative details. Hand crafted in Italy, these accordions are made by the masters for a clean sound and comfortable grip, and are ready-to-go with a protective case and straps.



You know what they say about good things coming in small packages. Despite being a modest 8” portable speaker, the JBL IRX108BT comes with impressive sound quality and robust volume despite its size and stature. With an unrivaled set of features at a price simply unmatched by competitors, this is an ideal portable speaker for just about any setting or context. With Bluetooth 5 Audio Streaming enabled, the JBL IRX108BT translates beautifully to the modern music setup.


Jupiter Quantum MKII Brass

Jupiter presents the Quantum MKII series of brass instruments for 2020. Featuring tuning slide adjustments, nickel silver receivers, and thinner bells than other models, these elite horns are performance-ready for full music classes and independent learners alike.


Blackstar Sonnet

Demonstrating a powerful sound while maintaining a conveniently compact build, you simply won’t find a more natural sound for your acoustic guitar with the Blackstar Sonnet Acoustic Amp series. Of course, this natural response translates beautifully to vocals and other instruments as well, so book your next gig with sonic confidence. With Bluetooth connectivity and multi-line inputs for instrumental variance, this is bound to take your performances to a whole new level.

Darkglass Bass Cabinets

Keeping up with the demands of the modern musician, the Darkglass Bass Cabinets series boasts power, flexibility and portability for any and all audio-related journeys. Impressively light-weight, these cabinets use Eminence neodymium speakers for that Crossfit-style weight loss without sacrificing low-end or stellar bass tonality. And for what it’s worth, this series looks pretty darn awesome, as well.

Vox Cambridge

Guitarists of all varieties: prepare to shred, sizzle, serenade, seduce and soar on the Vox Cambridge50 this new year and beyond. By using Nutube-driven power, users will get that real tube distortion and responsiveness to really rock the house, in addition to jamming on eleven types of amp models and eight built-in effects.

Line 6

Line 6 POD GO

If you’ve been following Line 6 for the first two decades or so of their existence, you know what the POD is. Really you could have just been following digital amp and effects modeling technology and still be well aware, since these are the guys who started it all. Well in 2020, the POD gets a reboot that will rock your world—the POD GO. Its highly portable and encompasses a straight-forward interface which helps you create the most advanced guitar tones with ease. The myriad of effects and amp models, derived from the wildly successful HX series, coalesce to make your tones authentic, professional, and just plain awesome. The POD GO also has an expression pedal and looper, so there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Plug in a USB cable to record direct into any computer, and use the POD GO edit app to create presets, adjust settings, and load impulse responses. Welcome to 2020 with Line 6.

Marshall Amplification

Marshall Studio Classic and Studio Vintage Aesthetic Expansion

Marshall has solidified itself amongst the greatest amp makers in the world. Their amp offerings are able to handle all styles of players and playing, especially straight-up rock. Last year, Marshall released the Studio Classic – a 20 watt JCM 800 2203 replica, and the Studio Vintage – which brought back the power of the 1959 Super Lead. This year, Marshall dresses them up for the ball. The new offerings from Marshall continue the company’s legacy of sweet versatility and excellent tone, but with some nicely updated cosmetics. Each model in the Studio and Classic lines are now available in four awesome new styles: White Elephant Grain with Gold Features; Navy Blue Levant; Red & Black Snakeskin; and All-Black Stealth. Each of these new designs is visually mesmerizing and stylistically awesome. Choose your favorite and rock.


Novation Launchpad Pro MK3

Music producers, composers and musicians alike – lend me your ears! The Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 takes all of your favorite music-making techniques and coats them with a new level of professionalism and creativity. A powerful built-in sequencer allows the MK3 to control any MIDI synth, sampler or drum machine of your choosing. Between Chord Mode’s accessible harmonic arranging and Capture MIDI Mode for deeper Ableton Live integration, the Novation Launchpad Pro MK3 is an instant studio classic.

Orange Amplification

Orange Little Bass Thing

The Little Bass Thing is a bad little machine. The compact design boasts a surprising 500 watt Class D output stage, with a solid state front-end, setting it apart from the Terror Bass. It has a built-in footswitchable compressor sporting Class A compression, sweepable parametric mid-frequency control, and an effects loop with D.I. out. The neutrally voiced preamp has a precise EQ allowing you to control the blend of bass, mid, frequency, and treble with the utmost accuracy. To boot, it has a 6db pad for active basses, removing 6db of output sensitivity. You won’t want to let this little guy slip past you.


Orange Bass Butler

The Bass Butler is an entire bi-amp bass rig in a pedal. Dual channels—Guitar and Bass, allow you to shape and choose the tone coming from each, and customize your sound to new levels. The always-on Bass channel has a simple but effective control layout of Compression, Bass, Treble, and Volume. The Guitar channel gives you a different variety of tone, based on a high-gain guitar sound. Two individual XLR outputs means that your finished Bi-Amp bass tone makes it to the mixing desk with nothing left to do except blend to taste. The Bass Butler also features an Amp Output, which takes a blend of the two channels, before the cabinet simulation circuits, from a 1/4” jack – perfect for connecting to the front end of any bass amp.

Orange Terror Stamp

The Terror Stamp is a 20-watt amp in a tight little pedal. The Terror Stamps hybrid valve/solid state design gives you the best of both worlds. From crystal-clean, to thundering high-gain, the ECC83-based preamp has all the harmonics, dynamics, and feel you’d expect, while the 20W Class AB Solid State power amp keeps things small, dependable, and sounding great at any volume. It features a fully-buffered, low-impedance FX Loop and a Cab Sim headphone out — which provides instant access to a very Orange-flavored 4×12 speaker emulation. Last, but not least, the footswitchable volume gives you the Terror Stamp’s full range of sounds at two different volumes — jump right out of the mix for that all-important solo, without sacrificing your carefully crafted tone.

Theo Wanne Mouthpieces

Ambika 3

This 2020 release for tenor saxophone features a brand-new Shark-Gill baffle, and new chamber and sidewall designs by Theo Wanne. Players seeking a dark, jazz sound will love the slim body, increased resonance, and thick, full sound the Ambika 3 delivers.

Gaia 3

Theo Wanne‘s Gaia 3 grants soprano and alto sax players the sleek Shark-Gill baffle and new chamber/sidewall designs as well, with added projection and tonal flexibility. This model is extremely versatile, fitting well in any music genre.



Durga 4

Updated with an inverse power ring, the Durga 4 has a slim style for soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophonists across the board. Adding bright tone without the shrill, Theo Wanne guarantees you get a full, supple sound with this model.

Shiva 3

Now available in soprano, alto, and tenor sizes, Theo Wanne‘s Shiva 3 comes with three times the charm as past versions. Brighter, and with more projection than ever before, you’ll be sure no note goes unheard in any performance setting with the power of the Shiva 3.

Roland US

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Samson Q9U Professional Broadcast Dynamic XLR/USB Microphone

The digital era has brought unprecedented growth to do-it-yourself setups, home studios and all sorts of audio action to take place in virtually any setting. Keeping up with the demands of the modern-day podcaster or recording whizz, the Samson Q9U Professional Broadcast Dynamic XLR/USB Microphone boasts a humbucking neodymium capsule for seamless integration into any recording rig. Connect to any mixer, interface or preamp and work your audio magic without the stress of technology hindering your craft.


Steinberg AXR4U Interface

Demonstrating ultra-low latency and a penchant for robust sound quality, the Steinberg AXR4U Interface is your new best friend for any and all audio projects you tackle this year and beyond. This is an absolute must-have for audio gurus in all capacities, especially the pros looking to revamp their rig. USN 3.0 connectivity offers seemingly unlimited computer connectivity, and 32-bit resolution with a sample rate of up to 384 kHz, the Steinberg AXR4U Interface is the option “4-U”.

Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato

With the Julia V2, this already excellent pedal gets a facelift. The new, super cool look created by Adam Forster draws you in, but the tone is what keeps you.  The Julia V2 is a fully analog chorus/vibrato pedal which allows you to explore a palette of tones. Switch between Dry, Chorus, or Vibrato, and blend the rate, depth, and lag, to find one beautiful sweet spot after another. You can also select analog LFO wave shapes. With the Julia V2, the possibilities are endless.

Walrus Audio Mako Series D1

With the D1, Walrus has packed 5 powerful delay features into one hefty pedal. Each setting is studio-grade and custom-tuned, boasting premiere sonic eminence. Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual, and Reverse programs form the basis of your delay sound. On that foundation, you can then adjust the time, repeats, mix, and attack. There is also a tweak feature, which can be set to change the modulation, tone, and age. As if that weren’t enough, there are additional switches to control the subdivisions. When you find your sounds, save up to 9 as onboard presets, and easily recall unique tones you won’t hear from anyone else.


Yamaha YC61

Glimmering with realistic organ playability and demonstrating unparalleled Yamaha craftsmanship, the YC61 takes it up a notch as far as performance and expression are concerned. The Virtual Circuitry Modeling organ engine puts the YC61 in a league of its own from a sonic perspective, and new features like the Waterfall keyboard enhance what is already a stunningly accurate organ experience.