Roland TM1 Drum Trigger Module

The TM-1 is a unique and powerful trigger module that makes it easy to expand the sounds of your acoustic drum kit – from the onboard kick, snare, tom, cymbal, and percussion samples, to loading your own samples and loops – you can layer the right sound to enhance your playing. Includes 15 ready to play presets and a software editor for uploading your own sounds.

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Drum Workshop 5000 Series Accelerator Single Bass Drum Pedal-

Featuring a reduced footboard and a sprocket driven action for better intensity and stability, the accelerator is tailor made for fans of the original 5000 series hardware. The innovative Tri-Pivot toe clamp ensures the pedals connection to your bass drum no matter how hard you hit it. Another nice touch is the textured nonskid rubber grip which provides a faster setup and prevents accumulation of unwanted material on your pedal.

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Zildjian FX Cymbal Stacks (Available in Assorted Sizes)

Ready to rock as soon as you take them out of the box, the FX Stacks feature a top and bottom cymbal along with a cymbolt adapter for stacked or inverted positioning. The top cymbal is constructed of a special Zildjian alloy designed for maximum snap and serious tonal versatility. The bottom cymbal uses straight up cold rolled steel to balance out the sound. A rear locking washer allows you to set the distance between the two cymbals. Choose from 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, and 16” options.

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Pro Audio:

Shure Motiv MV88+ Video Microphone Kit:

An all in one solution for capturing videos with high quality audio on your smartphone, the Motiv MV88+ kit comes complete with a mini tripod, android/IOS cables, and a convenient roll up carry bag. Engage the compatible MOTIV app for customizing your levels and instant optimization presets. If you want to get your music on YouTube or live stream via social media, the MV88+ will transform your smartphone into a portable video production tool.

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Aston Stealth Active Dynamic Microphone

The bar for what qualifies as a “work horse microphone” has officially been raised courtesy of the superbly versatile Stealth from our friends at Aston. It all starts with its flexible active/passive circuit. If no phantom power is provided it reacts like an excellent live dynamic microphone but once it detects 48 volts, the built Class A preamp bring it into the realm of a studio condenser. A preset voicing switch instantly optimizes the response with 4 different settings at your disposal.

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On Stage BC2000 Stereo Bluetooth Receiver: $109.95

You already have great PA speakers so why should you have to limit your wireless music listening to a small tiny device that can never do your favorite tracks justice. Well, thanks to the On Stage BC2000 you can easily transform those professional PA speakers into wireless speakers, in stunning stereo nonetheless. The system includes two rechargeable Bluetooth receivers with XLR outputs that provide 30ft of range from your smartphone. You can also plug them into a mixer so you can incorporate tracks from your phone without a direct connection.

Pre Order Now: https://www.samash.com/bc2000-stereo-bluetooth-receiver-obc2000xx-p

Radial KL-8 Rackmount Keyboard Mixer:

Keyboard collectors rejoice!!!! With the KL-8 you get 4 stereo analog inputs so you can integrate your favorite digital pianos and synths into a single easy to control rig. Other amazing features include dual USB ports and MIDI for incorporating soft synths stored on your computer, a AUX Send/Return section for outboard effects, and a built in headphone amplifier for premium monitoring. A DJ style Cue switch allows you to test your tone before it hits the front of house.

Pre Order Now: https://www.samash.com/kl-8-rackmount-keyboard-mixer–rkl8xxxxx-p

Chauvet DJ Scorpion Dual RGB Fat Laser Beam

Featuring a dual mirror output for intricate laser shows, the Scorpion offers 32 patterns of various impressive blends of the RGB color scheme. Program effects like Pan, Tilt, Zoom, and speed offer additional customization of the visual. Set it up for sound activation of take manual control with the included Wireless IR Remote.

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Recording & Keys

Korg Krome EX88 88 Key Music Workstation

Updated for easy access to a revamped sound library designed for the music scene of the moment, the new Krome EX boasts everything from new punchy drum kits to ethnic instruments. The redesigned grand piano section was designed in cooperation with legendary mastering engineer Seigen Ono and new Hollywood style effects help expand your creativity. Choose from 896 programs of 512 preselected combinations. All of which can be completely customized with ease.

Pre Order Now: www.samash.com/krome-ex88-88-key-keyboard-workstation–kkromeex8-p


Casio Prvia PXS1000 Digital Piano

The PXS1000 carries on the Casio traditional of crafting digital pianos that offer the authentic sound and feel of professional Grand’s at unbelievable values. However, the PXS1000 goes even further by packing in new digital features like Bluetooth for wirelessly playing along with your favorite tracks. It also compatible with the Chordana smartphone app which hosts advanced learning and set up features that every player will love. Finally, to accommodate cramped living spaces, the PXS1000 is 43% smaller than its predecessors and weighs only 25 pounds.

Pre Order Now: www.samash.com/privia-px-s1000-digital-piano-cpxs1000b-p


Yamaha Sonogenic Keytar

Simply connect your IOS device to this small compact keyboard and get ready to have some fun. Engage JAM mode and then use the Yamaha Chord Tracker App to play your favorite songs without ever missing a note. It also functions as a super expressive MIDI controller if you want to use it with your favorite soft synths or production software. The modulation wheel can be set your exact preference so you don’t need to have it constantly engaged.


IK Multimedia AXE IO Audio Interface:

Us guitar players finally get professional quality audio interface designed specifically for our needs with dual channel AXE I/O. The interfaces main channel features 3 selectable circuit topologies including Pure, JFET, and Active. Engage the customizable “Z-Tone” impedance circuit and watch your sound change from sharper to thicker and back again. Includes IK’s deep selection of software for creating amazing riffs and progressions.

Pre Order Now: https://www.samash.com/axe-io-professional-audio-interface-iaxeioxxx-p



Marshall Studio Classic SC20H Guitar Amplifier:

Based on the legendary JCM800 2203, this 20-Watt head boasts two ECC83 valves, a ECC83 phase splitter and two EL34’s. The familiar and wonderfully simple layout is designed for maximum functionality while including essentials like 3 band EQ and a presence control. You even get a full effects loop and Direct output for playing larger shows. Speaking of playing out, this 20 Watt head is way lighter than you would expect and can operate at 5 Watts if needed.


Pre Order Now: www.samash.com/studio-classic-20w-head-guitar-amplifier-msc20hxxx-p


Fender Jimi Page Telecaster Electric Guitar

A meticulous recreation of the Tele Jimi used on Led Zeppelin I, this artist signature contains a thin “D” profile maple neck capped with a 7.25” slab style Rosewood fingerboard. The dragon like finish is an exact replica of Page’s hand painted design on his original. Jimi Page custom Single Coil pickups give you the legendary attack and tone that is unmistakably Led Zeppelin.


Pre Order Now: www.samash.com/jimmy-page-telecaster-electric-guitar-f6230721x-p


Jackson X Soloist SLX Crackle Electric Guitar

With a basswood body and a through body maple neck that has been reinforced with Graphite, the SLX 12” to 16” compound radius laurel fingerboard flattens out as it approaches the neck for that metal style low action bends. Duncan designed HB103 humbuckers supply screaming tone with incredible presence. The volcanic inspired finish is a true personality match.



Pre Order Now: www.samash.com/x-series-soloist-slx-crackle-electric-guitar-j00005xxx-p


Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser Guitar Pedal

This advanced all analog true bypass pedal offers a plethora of settings and parameters you can create a tone that reflects your exact style and playing character. Standard Phaser controls like Width, Rate, and Feedback are supplemented with more exotic offerings including the DPV knob which lets you blend between dry, phase shifted and vibrato. Set the complexity of the Phase with the “Stages” toggle switch.


Pre Order Now: www.samash.com/lillian-analog-phaser-wlillianx-p

Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor Guitar Pedal


The Deep Six V3 features beautiful artwork that hearkens back to the pedal that started it all. It’s a solid pedal that boasts high build quality. The various controls such as Attack offer tremendous versatility to any guitar player. In fact, the Blend knob lets you mix in the dry signal and help cut out the distortion that often comes with compressed hum buckers, and the Tone knob filters out low end bass signals. A great addition to any guitars players board is the Deep Six V3 from Walrus Audio.



Ibanez RGD71-AL Axion 7 String Electric Guitar

A double cutaway layered ash body meets a flame maple top on this smooth feeling 7-string. Designed for speed, the Axion’s Nitro Wizard 5 piece neck is made from a mixture of panga-panga and walnut while the fingerboard features Massacar Ebony and 24 jumbo sub zero frets. A 3-way switch controls the DiMarzio Fusion Edge 7 pickups which have been carefully crafted for high end scream lo frequency attitude.

Pre Order Now: www.samash.com/rgd71al-axion-label-7-string-electric-guitar-irgd71alx-p


Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster

Offering you Acoustic, Electric and everything in between, the innovative Acoustasonic Telecaster features a Fishman designed circuit for dynamic acoustic tones to supplement the natural resonance provided by the Tuned Sound port.

LINE 6 Relay G10S


The Relay G10S is an update to the classic G10 from LINE 6. This wireless system for guitar players boasts an incredible range of up to 130 feet. It works right out of the box with no setup required. It features an all new design with rugged metal construction.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery and a 9V DC power connector for easy pedalboard integration. You also get a balanced XLR DI output, automatic or manual frequency selection, and 24-bit lossless digital sound quality.



K&M Smartphone Desk Stand:

A clean elegant option for getting information from your phone, the Smartphone Desk Stand features two non-messy grip pads which allow for vertical or horizontal placement. The stand sets your phone at 45 degrees, the ideal angle for consuming video, tabs, and more.

Pre Order Now: https://www.samash.com/19850-smartphone-desk-stand–k19850xxx-p


D’Addario Auto Lock Padded Guitar Strap:

Striking the ideal balance of security, simplicity, and functionality, the Auto Lock strap automatically clamps down on the strap button of your guitar. To release, intentionally push up on the grey latch and your ready to move out. The locking system is attached to an ultra-comfortable woven strap that is adjustable from 30” to 55 inches.

Pre Order Now: https://www.samash.com/auto-lock-guitar-strap-d50bal01x-p

Hohner Billy Joel Signature Harmonica (Key of C)

It’s no surprise that longtime Sam Ash customer Billy Joel picked the legendary harmonica makers at Hohner when it was time to release a signature model. Handcrafted in Trossignen, Germany, the Billy Joel model is constructed of African Doussie wood comb. It comes complete in a beautiful presentation box along with instructions on how to play one of Billy’s most iconic harmonica tracks, “Piano Man”