We’ve come a long way from the Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies era, haven’t we? Between controversial Peloton ads, head-scratching diet trends and YouTube videos explaining how to get abs in 45 seconds, it truly is a wonderful (strange?) time to get into shape. While the workout-from-home philosophy has gained tons of traction over the last decade, nothing beats going to the gym or participating in a class of like-minded fitness freaks.

Running one of those classes? Instructing Pilates? Recording a Sweatin’ to the Oldies tribute? This guide will describe the best fitness-geared wireless microphone systems for instruction purposes in a group setting.

Concert 88X Headset

Kicking off our breakdown of the best fitness-fueled microphones, the Samson Concert 88x Headset Wireless System demonstrates crystal-clear quality at a wallet-friendly price. This unit emphasizes simplicity and user-friendliness, which takes the burden off of your setup process and grants instructors more time for coordinating Zumba routines. Easily integrated into any amplifier, sound system or recording device, you can rest assured knowing the CR88x receiver has potential to be a permanent fixture in your gym or workout space’s audio rack.

Save your sweat for cardio, not audio-induced anxiety. The Samson Concert 88x Headset Wireless System is the perfect solution for instructors looking for a simple, minimal setup that accommodates to any fitness space. Because simplicity is emphasized, instructors won’t require a beacon of audio knowledge to get this system working in a professional capacity. Less learning, more exercising!

Airline Micro Earset

Over the sounds of stepper-induced huffing and puffing, Top 40 radio-anthems and technology hard at work on the stationary bike, it can be difficult to conduct a program over the soundtrack of a fitness session. With the Samson Airline Micro Wireless Earset System on deck, however, it’s never been easier to produce clear vocals in the noisiest of spaces. Comfortable, versatile and reliable, this system translates beautifully to a wireless atmosphere and guarantees complete control of your class or group workout. Say goodbye to batteries; a handy-dandy docking station keeps this wireless system charged and ready to roll.

Samson proudly showcases this Airline as its smallest wireless system to date, which means the conveniently-sized Samson Airline Micro Wireless Earset System won’t take up excessive room in your gym. Instructors who put an emphasis on high-energy engagement and performance will enjoy this rig, as it promises a discreet, hands-free approach with your clients without physical or technological hindrances.

Airline 77 Headset System

With many traditional wireless systems using a beltpack and wire, the Samson Airline 77 AH7 Fitness Headset System flips the script and comes with a micro transmitter mounted directly on the headset. This groundbreaking technology sets the tone for a dynamic, expressive and motivational fitness instructor looking to revolutionize the culture and learning capacity of their exercise environment. With 300’ of operating range and a sweat-resistant capsule for the headset, this is a perfect fit in larger workout spaces, hot yoga sessions and classes where perspiration is inevitable.

Another added bonus to this setup is, while not the smallest on our list, it’s light enough to be put into a bag for the traveling personal trainer. Jumping across Pure Barre locations? No sweat. The Samson Airline 77 AH7 Fitness Headset System will move-and-groove as you do, delivering killer sound in any fitness setting.

Airline 99M Headset System

Don’t be fooled; many fitness instructors do take careful note of their specs when looking into an audio rig. With 50Hz- 15kHz audio frequency response, 100 operating channels across 24MHz bandwidth and a series of versatile output connectors, the Samson Airline 99M Fitness Headset Wireless System packs a punch with beautiful sound and wide dynamic range. Its microphone possesses a bidirectional pickup pattern and condenser capsule, reducing background noise and neutralizing any issues related to feedback.

Versatility is a key component to this rig, making the Samson Airline 99M Fitness Headset Wireless System an ideal solution for instructors with big gyms, expanding business or multiple locations in need of sonic revision. High-energy individuals will thrive here, especially ones who know a thing or two about the audio world.

Airline 88X Headset System

While the most expensive unit on our list, we certainly saved the juggernaut for last. The Samson Airline 88x AH8 Fitness Head System checks off all of the boxes, and does so in an almost cocky manner. A lightweight, water-resistant micro transmitter headset boasts a degree of comfort and security for intense cycling workouts to Pilates instruction and everything in between. Pristine sound is practically guaranteed, with intelligible speech projecting over any noise potentially distracting the microphone.

For classes with multiple instructors or a facility with multiple studios, up to eight systems per frequency band can be used simultaneously with the Samson Airline 88x AH8 Fitness Head System. This proves to be especially valuable when your fitness business is booming and more space is required. Whether it’s yoga, Zumba, cycling or Sweatin’ to the Oldies, this is a perfect choice in the modern fitness era.

Get your body groovin’ and your mouth movin’ with these wireless systems from SamAsh.com today.