Michael Kelly Triad Port Acoustic-Electric Guitar: Quick Look

March 18, 2021  
Posted by Sam Ash Music
Michael Kelly Triad Port Acoustic-Electric Guitar: Quick Look

Triad Tone

Named for its eye catching 3-piece back, the Michael Kelly Triad Port delivers a warm tone with exceptional balance across the frequency spectrum. The back is a blend of flamed okuome and ovangkol while the sides are pure flamed okuome. The top of the Triad is constructed of solid spruce, an ultra popular tone wood known for its full sound and excellent natural projection

Port Technology

Michael Kelly has always taken a nuanced approach when it comes guitar design. That is what led them to develop their Port Technology. The heart of Port Technology is the offset soundhole placement. Unlike traditional acoustics that place the sound hole in the middle of the instrument, the Traid Port put its off to the side and closer to the neck. Moving the soundhole away from the center unlocks a potent soundboard between the neck and bridge. The result is louder natural projection and more resonance in your sound. The Triad further capitalizes on this new found real estate by mounting the piezo pickup in the bridge to capture the sound at its optimal point. A second side mounted sound hole is also present to increase air movement in addition to acting as a personal monitor when you play.

Discrete Fishman Electronics

The side soundhole on the Triad Port also houses the Fishman Sonitone active electronics system. This discrete placement improves the overall appearance of this beautiful guitar as you don’t see any plastic parts jutting out from the body like on other acoustics. Two simple onboard controls for tone and volume are provided for fine tuning your plugged in sound. Other standout features include Michael Kelly’s Zero End Pin bridge which quick string changes without using tools. If you have ever lost a bridge pin, you will know how convenient this feature is. The Triad Port also boasts an extreme cutaway for improved comfort and better access to upper frets.


  • Solid spruce top
  • 3 piece exotic wood back(featuring flamed okuome and ovangkol)
  • Flamed okume back
  • Mahogany neck
  • Michael Kelly comfort “C” neck profile
  • Zero-End Pin bridge for quick string changes
  • Fishman Sonitone active electronics

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