Michael Kelly Triad 10E Acoustic-Electric Guitar: Quick Look

We’re giving away (1) Michael Kelly Triad 10E Acoustic-Electric to one lucky winner! Enter your information below for a chance to win! The contest will be running for (2) weeks and we’ll be selecting and contacting a winner on July 12th, 2019.

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10 strings that still offer that 12 string sound!

Michael Kelly guitars found that having 10 instead of 12 helps with the clarity and articulation of your playing while still giving you a great tone: the first four strings are doubled while the low E and A string are solo. Unlike 12-string guitars, the Triad 10E is much more playable, has an enhanced playing range, and offers more clarity to your overall sound. Two less strings also mean two less tuning machines on the headstock resulting in 5 tuning machines on each side for balanced intonation.

Port Technology

While most standard acoustic guitars have a soundhole in the middle of the instrument, Michael Kelly discovered that by offsetting the soundhole the guitar has better projection since the middle of the instrument is able to resonate without interruption. In conjunction with this soundhole, there’s another soundhole on the side of the guitar to act as a personal monitor so you have an accurate idea of what your audience is hearing through the soundhole.

Discrete Fishman Electronics

Some acoustic electric guitars tend to have gaudy electronics that can take away from the overall aesthetic of the instrument. Fishman avoided that problem by making their electronics small and hidden within the soundhole of the guitar so their hidden from the audience but still easy to manipulate by the guitarist. Don’t let the small electronics fool you; when this guitar plugs in, you get monster sound and clarity through any sound system!


  • Zero Pin Bridge
  • Mahogany Neck And Ovangkol Fingerboard
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Triad 3-Piece Exotic Wood Back, Flamed Okume & Ovangkol
  • Flamed Okoume Sides
  • Comfort C Neck
  • Discreet Fishman Sonitone Pickup
  • Extreme Cutaway Body Shape
  • Bonus Side Soundport
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