The Michael Kelly Hybrid Special Guitar is a fantastic 2-in-1 guitar for any serious gigging musician. What makes it considered a “hybrid” is the ability to sound like either an electric or an acoustic guitar thanks to the Fishman® Powerchip and Fishman® under-saddle pickup. Using the 3-way selector switch to activate the humbucking pickups, the acoustic pickup, or both simultaneously! From first glance, you’ll notice the gorgeous spalted maple available in a beautiful burst finish that doubles to offer great tone. You also have a mahogany neck which is great for your tone to resonate throughout the guitar. One of the coolest features about this guitar is that with the use of a Y-cable, you can split the signal of your guitar so you can play through an electric guitar amp and a acoustic guitar amp so you can get the true tone of each pickup! Best of all, all of these incredible features are at an incredibly affordable price!

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Ben Ash
Ben Ash is a member of the Sam Ash Music family, both literally and figuratively. He has worked on the sales floor in both the Huntington and Forest Hills location. As Social Media Coordinator, he was integral with bringing the social media of the company to new heights and relevancy. He was also a Manager of the Northeast region. Currently, he is the Content Marketing Manager for Sam Ash Music. He received a Bachelors Degree in Music Business at Berklee College Of Music in 2012. He’s a proficient guitar player and can also play bass and ukulele. Although he grew up as a fan of classic rock and alternative, he’s now opened his mind to being a fan of many genres of music. He regularly posts his music covers on his YouTube channel and has played multiple venues in Long Island, NYC, Philadelphia and Boston.