Medeli DP260 Digital Piano: Everything You Need to Know

Have a restricted amount of space to work with, but don’t want to limit your sound? The Medeli DP 260 is the perfect digital piano for keyboardists with small practice spaces, and who are always on the go. From beginners to advanced players, this portable instrument is packed with great voices, useful learning features, and compatible options for you to develop your musicianship, experiment with different sounds, and play to your heart’s content wherever you’d like.

Easy to Assemble and Portable

This slick, compact, digital piano is easy to assemble and has a lightweight structure so you can move and position it anywhere with ease. All functions are on the left-hand side of the keys, plus, you can make memory bank selections by pressing the keys themselves. This simplistic design by Medeli eliminates the need for a large screen with an extended upper panel, and saves you plenty of room – especially in small apartments where space is of the upmost importance.

Great for Learners

Perfect for student-teacher sessions, the Twinova and Split Keyboard feature (function + G#2) allows you to split the piano into two, so two people can play parallel voices side by side. Feel free to change the point at which the keyboard is split. Take full advantage of the demo songs to develop your ear for perfect pitch. First, pick one you like, play a snippet, pause it, and find the key it starts on. Then, try to play the part you heard. You can also refine your perception for steady tempo with the built-in metronome.

So Much in One Digital Piano

Every touch of the keys makes this digital piano emanate with a full sound; with some sounds even mimicking an acoustic piano. You can use the USB port to hook up your computer or phone, edit tracks, and layer sounds on top of one another. With 16 different preset voices and 60 preset demo songs, you’ll have a nice array of sonic blends to choose from. You may record up to 5 different songs (metro + rec) right into the piano. There are also 3 pedals (Soft, Sostenuto, and Sustain) and a sliding key cover to protect your keys from dust and damage.


  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble
  • 88 keys with graded hammer-action, 16 preset voices, and 60 preset demo songs
  • Functions located to the left of the keys to save room and make selections a breeze
  • Twinova and Split Keyboard function for side by side sessions with 2 players
  • USB MIDI jack to connect a computer or phone, and edit and mix through your music software
  • Record up to 5 different songs
  • Soft, Sostenuto, and Sustain pedals
  • Sliding key cover

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Tiffany Williams started her musical journey at the age of 7 when she learned to play the keyboard. By the 6th grade the viola became her passion, and she played in her middle and high school string and symphonic orchestras, pit orchestra, and Chamber Ensemble. She has participated in multiple music events and festivals including Music in the Parks and NYSSMA (levels 5/6), and was inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society. In college she played in the string orchestra and was selected to play in the Binghamton Symphonic Orchestra. As a member of the Binghamton Explorchestra she played, conducted, and had the opportunity to showcase two of her own compositions. Pursuing her musical endeavors, she challenges herself to learning other instruments, and has composed 14 songs which are now copyrighted in the U.S. Library of Congress. She continues to play and compose and is delighted to be a part of the Sam Ash team.