Liz was born in Peru, but her hometown is Ringwood, NJ. She currently resides in Oradell, NJ. She has been working at the Sam Ash Paramus location for 8 years. Liz plays a number of instruments and sings, and enjoys a variety of musical styles — anything from classical to pop.

What Artist/Moment Inspired You To Pursue Music?

My Dad plays the piano and he was the first person I looked up to who truly loved music. He also took me to my first concert to see his favorite artist, Bruce Springsteen. The actual moment I decided to pursue music fully was in college. My band director and music teachers gave me so much encouragement and I really felt 100% myself for the first time. My co-workers at Sam Ash also encouraged me to begin writing more and helped reaffirm my decision to pursue music.

Tell Us About Your Musical Background

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I started piano lessons and fell in love with it. I would play piano at recitals, guilds, and really any chance I could. When I turned 11, I began playing trumpet/cornet after some musicians came to our school to demonstrate the instruments we could play in the school band. Trumpet appealed to me because it commanded the room when played but was also extremely emotive. In high school I continued to play cornet for the spring musicals and our band program, which was very small at the time. In fact, it was so small that I was the only brass instrument in our group. I then went on to play cornet and piano at Marist college where I minored in music (instrumental) and received a 4.0 grade point average. I was apart of the concert band, wind symphony, pep band, and the smaller NCAA tournament bands while there. College is also where I started to teach myself how to play the guitar which I now write a lot of my own music on. Ironically, I received a free guitar when I purchased my keyboard from Sam Ash back in my senior year of high school. Piano will always be my favorite instrument as I feel the most at home while playing it. I owe where I am today because of my parent’s decision to include music in my life and for that I am very grateful.

Describe What is Unique About you Musically

I believe every artist and musician is unique so that is hard to answer. I will say that having played both music written by others and music I’ve written myself, has allowed me to view music from different perspectives. I also play very different instruments, so I am more aware of the layers that are within a piece than I used to be when I played only one instrument.

How Are You Involved With Your Local Music Scene?

Currently, I am playing trumpet/cornet for a community concert band called the North Jersey Concert Band. I love playing in this band because it is an all-volunteer group with about sixty musicians who just love playing music. Our group plays about 12-15 performances each year at various venues all over the North Jersey area. Besides playing at recreation centers, theaters, and outdoor venues, we also play at nursing and veterans’ homes. We play a variety of different styles of music, so we have something for everyone to enjoy.

What Are Your Personal Goals as A Musician?

There are so many goals that I would like to accomplish as a musician but in particular I would love to release my own original music. I’ve been writing for years now and I finally have the time and resources to record and release what I’ve been working on. It should be an exciting year in 2020. I also want to continue growing my skills on the instruments I play and my vocals because there is always room for improvement.

Tell Us About Your Latest Projects

Hopefully, I will be releasing original music this summer, although no dates have been finalized. My concert band is off for the holidays, but we will have performances scheduled for the new year so keep an eye out on our website for updates. I am also currently teaching piano lessons and I look forward to guiding those students along their musical journeys and helping them to achieve their own personal music goals.

Other Information

I am fortunate that I get to pursue music every day. My job has allowed me to meet some of the most inspiring musicians and artists in music today which has been a complete blessing. My co-workers are like family to me and have inspired and supported me throughout my entire journey at Sam Ash. My successes are shared with everyone I work with daily because they are the ones who keep me going and I’m a better person for knowing them. Come visit us at the Paramus store and you’ll see just how much fun music can be!

Liz plays in the North Jersey Concert band. For information on their music, you can check out their website or view their Facebook page.