The Spider series from Line 6 has gained legendary status, setting the standard for affordable modeling amplifiers, and thereby reserving space in the home of thousands of guitarists. Now we are taking a look at the much anticipated Spider V Series which delivers groundbreaking new features to help further continue the Spider legacy. Redesigned from the ground up or “tonally evolved” as Line 6 likes to say, the latest Spider amplifiers provide you with updated amps/cabs/effect models, a streamlined user interface, and a new full range speaker design. Rather than simply describing these great amplifiers, we invited our friends from Line 6 to our video studio at our New York Headquarters to show what the latest Spiders are made of.

Spider V Overview:

The Spider V lineup consists of the Spider V 30, Spider V 60, Spider V 120, the Spider V 240 , and the Spider V240 HC with the model number representing the amplifiers wattage. We will explore the other differences between each model shortly, but for now let’s discuss the features that apply to all members of the Spider family.

Enjoy Over 200 Amps/Cabs/Effects

The Spider V series offers more modeling options than similarly priced models from other manufactures. Line 6 is the resident expert for high quality modeling solutions leveraging technology from their more advanced products like the POD HD PRO X Rackmount and POD HD500X Pedal multi effects processors. Out of the box, Line 6 gives you some of the most sought after guitar amp sounds including clean, acoustic, crunch, high gain, synth modeling and more. You also get instant access to various distinct tones organized by genres from metal to jazz. Other available selections include Iconic Tones which are a collection based off famous songs (Black Dog, Dream On, and Teen Spirit) and special artist’s presets from guitar legends like Devin Townsend and Elliot Easton.

 Streamlined Navigation:

Line 6 outfitted all Spider V models with bright LCD screens and color coded controls knobs to make it easier to navigate their vast tonal offerings. Rather than making you go through different menus for each parameter change, Line 6 outfitted the Spider series with convenient function buttons that allow the main knobs to switch from controlling your Amp parameters to controlling Effects parameters at the push of a button. As you make changes to your amplifier parameters, the LCD will briefly display all of the current settings for your reference. In FX mode, the knobs follow Line 6’s intuitive color coding scheme to provide you with a reference for which effect you are tweaking. Check out our deep dive video at the end of this article for a great demo on using the knobs and menus on the Spider series. Once you craft your tone, a simple press of a button lets you save your creation to any of the 128 recallable preset spots. Enhanced Compatibility with the optional Line 6 FBV Advanced FootController is great for guitarists looking for a more familiar way to control their presets.

Color Coded Knobs and a Stage Ready LCD provide easy Navigation

Full Range Speaker Design

New to the Spider series, all Spider V models feature a two way full range speaker design complete with a guitar speaker and high frequency tweeter. The full range design delivers outstanding sound quality to your Spider Amplifier, giving an extra bite to the high quality modeling options. This speaker design also increases the overall versatility of Spider V, allowing the amplifier to handle acoustic guitar and even music playback flawlessly.

Next Level Technology

The Spider V series make recording your creations simple and fun. USB outputs are located on the rear panel for direct connection to your computer. Don’t have a DAW? No problem as Line 6 includes a digital download of the popular Cubase LE software. Purchasing a Spider also gives you free access to the Spider V Mobile app(IOS and Andriod version available). The Spider V app is your ticket to thousands of more tones stored on the cloud, which can be customized with the apps intuitive interface.


Choosing Your Spider

While all members of the Spider V family are great solutions for guitar players of all levels and styles, some models offer additional features that may motivate you to upgrade. First and most obviously are the differences in power and speaker size. Those are fairly straightforward and your choice of model will reflect the available size of your practice/performance space or audience size. Do keep in mind that while all models feature a full range speaker design, the Spider V 240 and the 240 HC both provide true stereo operation. In addition to traditional combo formats, the Spider V 240 HC is the first guitar amp head with a full-range stereo speaker system built right in. Pair it with the Spider 412 Cabinet and the built-in speakers continue to provide stereo support for a truly massive sound. Best of all, if you are in a situation where you don’t need the full rig, simply unplug the head, take it with you and use it as a stand-alone combo amp for convenient practice, recording or exploring new tones.

Wireless Ready (Spider 60/120/240 Models)

One great reason you should upgrade from a Spider V 30 to one of the larger models is the “relay ready” feature. Relay refers to Line 6’s popular line of digital wireless guitar systems that have brought reliable operation and ultra clean sound to some of the world’s biggest bands. The ready aspect refers to the fact that the larger Spider V models include built in wireless receivers. So to take your performance wireless, all you have to do is purchase the Line 6 Relay G10T Wireless transmitter (sold separately), plug it in, and your amplifier will automatically detect your transmitter. No receivers, no belt packs, and absolutely no cables are required. Check out the demo below to see just how easy it is.

XLR Direct Output (Spider 120/240)

The Spider 120, Spider 240 and the Spider 240HC are the only models in the series that include XLR direct outputs. Direct outputs are ideal if you plan on using your Spider amplifier for live applications in larger sized performance venues. From the direct output you can plug the amplifier into the mixing board during live shows or studio recording sessions. This helps you avoid spending time with miking the amplifier.

Stereo Superiority (Spider 240 Only)

In addition to having twice the power of the Spider V 140, the Spider V 240 and the Spider V240HC models also has twice the amount of speakers. Dual 12” speakers provide an immersive stereo experience to bring the most out of the incredible modeling options. There are also dual high frequency tweeters for enhanced high frequency clarity and detail. It also makes the Spider 240 and 240HC a premier solution for playing back your favorite tracks.

Spider V 240 features a stereo speaker configuration

The Sam Ash Difference:

Sam Ash is your premier destination for Line 6 products. With the largest selection of guitars, amplifiers, and effects around, come into any of our stores to try the different models in the Spider V series. Take some time to try it against other amplifiers and speak to our qualified associates to reinforce your decision making. Not near a store, not to worry, we have experts standing by at 1-800-472-6274. To find out more about the Spider V series, be sure to check out our “deep dive” video below for a comprehensive overview.