Line 6 Relay G10S: Quicklook

Built for the stage, the Line 6 Relay G10S wireless system brings you excellent wireless technology in a compact package. The system fits right onto your pedalboard and can be operated with a standard 9v DC power supply or a micro USB. There’s an XLR direct out and ¼ inch out, to go into a pedal board or amp.

The G10S has a “Cable Tone” feature which gives you the option to choose between shorter and longer lengths of cable, or disable it completely if not needed. The front of the unit has two antennas with a range of 130 ft. You can select a channel or allow the unit to automatically select the best channel available. The unit has two LED read outs which show you signal strength and interference level for each, as well as the battery life of the transmitter—and the transmitter charges and syncs right from the receiver.

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