Laleyna Gomez (a.k.a DJ Amore Querida) is one of the many Sam Ash employees who are also talented musical artists. An exceptional DJ with tons of experience, Laleyna has been a sales person in the Audio department of our Manhattan store since June of 2017, where she uses her DJing and audio knowledge to help customers find the right gear.

Outside of Sam Ash, Laleyna is a skilled DJ. She is the first woman in the Skratcher NY Crew and recently took 3rd place in the Battle of the Synthalist competition. She has owned and operated a production company called Intlx Productions since 2003, and has two daughters, aptly named Lyric and Melody, who as you might expect, are musically inclined themselves.

Born in New York City, both Laleyna’s parents immigrated to the U.S. Her father is from the Dominican Republic and her mother hails from Uruguay. Music was plentiful in their household, where Laleyna became acquainted with the likes of Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, and The Moody Blues, as well as The Beatles, Roberta Flack, and Aretha Franklin.

Laleyna’s parents had a great record collection, but with the advent of cassette tapes, then CDs, they had little use for it. They eventually handed it down to their daughter who happily took it into her room, and, along with a Casio MT-520 keyboard, began her lifelong artist’s journey.

After spending some time at college in Florida where she got her first mixer, Laleyna returned to NYC to attend the Institute of Audio Research. Her first experience with Sam Ash came during this time period, when she went over to the former Sam Ash 49th Street location to pick up some supplies.

In her early 20’s, Laleyna happened to attend a show where she saw a female DJ—DJ Kuttin Kandi of the 5th Platoon Crew, tearing up the turntables. Before that time, she didn’t know of any female DJs. Fair to say, this performance inspired her. Combining her love of music with her audio tech knowledge, she began to experiment with different DJ equipment while practicing her technique on the turntables.

After some time, Laleyna began to put herself out there. She visited a local record store called Fat Beats to try and get her tape sold on consignment. While inside, she figured being in that environment could teach her a lot and help her be in contact with people like her.

When she inquired about working there, she was told they weren’t hiring, but with a lot of persistence, Laleyna secured an internship.

Within two months, Fat Beats had made her assistant manager, having her assist with A& R and record buying. Through that experience, she was able to learn the business side of the music industry and be near some well-known DJs that she admired.

Aside from the excellent learning experiences which ensued on the business-end of things, Laleyna continued to DJ and perform. She was sponsored by some popular skateboard brands which made her a brand ambassador and requested she wear

their clothing during DJ sets, expanding their market to women like her.

To this day, Laleyna is living her passion for music. Recently, she was selected to be a Hip Hop Diplomat in Next level 5.0, a joint program between the U.S. Department of State, Meridian

International, and UNC Chapel Hill. The uniquely prestigious program gave her the opportunity to travel to Guatemala for 3 weeks, where she taught young people about DJing and hip hop culture.

With her wealth of knowledge and experience in DJing, music business, and audio tech, as well as a very inspiring artist’s journey, Sam Ash is proud to feature Laleyna as our Employee Artist of the Month.