With Novation’s recent release of a new firmware version for their Circuit groove box, we are taking a second look at “what you need to know” about this powerful piece of production hardware. The Circuit is a standalone groove box that features two independent polyphonic synth engines and a four-part, sample-ready drum machine. It’s grid based surface also provides a sequencer for laying out your tracks. With Circuit, Step-sequence beats, basslines and chord progressions quickly, add parameter automation for each part, and link patterns together to make full songs and live sets. Use it as a midi controller for your current hardware, a software controller for your favorite DAW, or most importantly as a full work station. Here are some features that make the Novation Circuit a premium option among other groove boxes.

Novation Workflow:

All the features of the Circuit can be accessed by using the LED button grid and other hardware controls. You don’t have to scroll through complicated menu options. For quick reference, the buttons are labeled and grouped together to quickly arrange your tracks and manipulate them in real time.

Premium Portability

The Circuit truly lets you make beats anywhere. The unit can be powered using 6 AA batteries for on the go production. Furthermore, the Circuit even has a built in speaker for spur of the moment sharing and live collaborations. Its compact form factor easily fits in your bag so you never have to stop creating.

Introducing Components

Free for all Circuit owners, Components is a free suite of tools that are accessed through a web portal at https://components.novationmusic.com. Here, you can import samples, organize your backups, and save your sessions to send to your friends. Components includes a software editor, librarian management tool for organizing your Circuit creations, and simple sample importing.

What’s New: Firmware Update 1.3

The brand new Sample Flip function lets you create multi-sample drum lines on each of Circuit’s drum tracks. In previous versions of Circuit firmware, only one sound could be used on each drum track. Now, you can select a different sample for each step in all four of the drum tracks. So for example, you can place your kick and snare on ‘Drum 1’, freeing up other tracks for additional instrumentation or sample playback. Other updates include the ability to preview and play your samples live, and organize your Sessions by color, through Circuit Components.

Watch Novation’s product specialists explain the new features of the Circuit 1.3 Firmware

Watch Novation’s Olly Burke break down the new Sample Flip Feature

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