Fresh off the release of the new 2.0 operating system, we are taking a second look at the Korg Electribe and Electribe Sampler. The Electribe is a fully featured hardware production station that offers users a drum machine, groove box and multi-track sequencer within a single unit. The sounds have been completely redesigned from previous Electribe models. The standard Electribe features a modulation sequencer with powerful synthesis while the Electribe Sampler provides powerful sequencing for manipulating your own samples. With many great music production workstation options available these days, we at Sam Ash have outlined “what you need to know” about Korg’s take on the modern groove box/sequencer.

Cause Kaoss

Lifted from Korg’s popular Kaoss real-time X/Y touchpad effects controller, the Electribes comprehensive expression pad lets you write intuitive melodies and rhythms with touch scale and gate arp. Create dynamic bass drops and build ups with serious sweeps. With the Electribe’s external audio processing functionality you can even use the Kaoss surface to step up live performances with touch based expressivity. In the studio, you can even record your “Kaotic” manipulations for use on the sequencer.

16 Part Multitimbrality and 24 Note Polyphony

Have up to 16 different sounds all accessible from the Electribes’ 16 velocity sensitive pads, which can be used chromatically as a keyboard, as a step sequencer, or to launch entire pattern clips at the touch of a button. PCM instrument sounds let you add melodic synth and bass lines to your grooves for creating dynamic tracks.

King of Sync

Not only do the Electribes send and receive MIDI, they are also capable of syncing via analog clock in/out, so they can be tempo synced to all of the Korg Volca series, the Korg Minilogue, Monotribe, and SQ1, as well as any vintage or modern gear that has an analog sync input or output. Electribes also feature great Ableton Live Export capabilities. Using an SD card, you can export patterns to an Ableton Live file (.als) and each part comes up as its own audio track in the Ableton session. A powerful and useful software and hardware relationship!

The Time is Now

With the release of the version 2.02 OS for the Electribe and Electribe Sampler, Korg adds undo capability, original value indication for parameters within the Electribes’ patterns, and an exciting new Pattern Chain mode which allows patterns to be chained together to create not just entire songs, but entire sets can be played automatically without the user ever having to manually change patterns. If that wasn’t reason enough to pick up the Electribe, Korg is also offering a free download of 200 bonus patterns with the release of 2.0. The patterns include synths and drum kits from sound designers and beat makers from around the world.



Korg Electribe Music Production Station

Ten years after the Electribe MX first went on sale, Korg introduces a model that’s designed to be simple and easy for the beginner to understand, and even more enjoyable than ever for existing users: introducing the NEW Korg Electribe



Korg electribe S Sampler

The Korg electribe series lets you play back your carefully constructed patterns while using intuitive operations to add spice and reveal new sonic possibilities.


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