What you need to Know: Hotone XTOMP Multi Effects Pedal

Join our own Dave Stutts as he explores the Hotone XTOMP Multi Effects pedal with Bluetooth transfer control. The Hotone XTOMP is a rugged yet compact Stompbox that emulates a growing library of over 300 models from renowned classics to the latest and greatest modern pedals. The XTOMP includes a free application for both Andriod and IOS users for choosing your desired effect. Check out Dave demo some of his favorite selections from the XTOMP library and discuss the form factor and operation of the XTOMP Stompbox style pedal. For more information on XTOMP, check out our overview below.


Who is Hotone?

Best known for the Skyline Series of quality mini pedals and Nano Legacy series mini amplifier heads and cabinets, the Hotone product development staff is all about pushing the limits of what possible.

XTOMP Technology

XTOMP was made possible by the employment of Hotone’s very own Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling System. Unlike traditional modeling technology that emulates pedals in a static state (ie: a fixed setting) the technology that powers XTOMP provides a dynamic recreation of the pedals it models. This means that things like knob tweaks, input signal range, instrument impedance are all processed in real time through dynamic algorithms and have significant impact on your final tone.

New Technology for Maximum Nostalgia

In order to maximize the capability of dynamic circuit modeling, Hotone’s development staff put heavy focus on resurrecting classic effects which are now rare or even impossible to still find. With XTOMP these vintage and classic pedals receive new life and are playable with circuitry and outer casings intact. That is one reason why the XTOMP was built with a rugged Stompbox design; you can get the tone you have been after without having to be too careful.

Rugged and Portable

XTOMP is a great effects solution if you don’t have the ability or energy to bring your entire pedal board. Just bring the XTOMP, make sure your phone is charged and enjoy the high quality selection of available pedals on the XTOMP iOS/Android Application. Unlike most multi effects pedals that tend to be bulky, XTOMP is an ultra-thin pedal that easily fits in your gig bag or case. You also get the benefit of using your familiar smartphone display to quickly navigate through the library instead of having to bend down for every change you need to make like on traditional multi effects units. XTOMP may be light but its solid zinc alloy casing lets you play with no restrictions. The pedal also has halo LED’s around the knob for playing on dark stages.