What You Need to Know: Guitar Triller

A Whole New Way to Play Guitar

Guitar Triller bounces on strings like a drumstick on a snare, resembling a hammered dulcimer playing approach. The Lead, Rhythm, and Pick Position offer dozens of new sounds and playing techniques that sound different from Picks and Fingers. This is a must have accessory for Guitar Players of all levels and styles. Designed for playing Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo, and most string instruments, Guitar Triller was created by musicians and brought to life with the help of 1,162 fellow musicians on Kickstarter. See why Guitar Player voted Guitar Triller “Top 10 Coolest Guitar Gear Innovations” by picking one up in any of our Sam Ash Music Store Locations or online at any time from SamAsh.com

Serious Control

The Skill of playing with a Guitar Triller can be mastered to very high degree. The effects that it does are extremely controllable and completely up to you the player to use as desired. Just like a pick offers complete control of what it can do, similarly, the Guitar Triller offers you complete control over its features. Guitar Triller is a must have piece of guitar gear alongside your Picks, Capo, Slide, Pedals and Ebows.

New Sonic Possibilities

As Guitar Players, we are always looking for new sounds and new innovative ways to play and compose music. Guitar Triller offers many new possibilities that aren’t possible with picks and fingers alone. Some of the sounds that it creates resemble effect pedals, but the cool thing is that it does them in an organic and physical way, without batteries, and on both acoustic and electric instruments. Some of the sounds that can be made are Flanger, Tremolo, Ring-Mod, Harmonic Overtones, Harping, Phaser, Dulcimer, Steel Drum, Percussive, Echo/Delay like sounds and more. The rhythmic and phrasing options that the Guitar Triller offers are unique to the guitar and musically novel to the instrument. Guitar Triller opens the door to new possibilities for live performance, music composition and arrangement, studio recording and production. This gives musicians a new and exciting tool to take their music and their playing to the next level of creativity.

Get More Out of Your Existing Gear

When Guitar Triller is used in combination with other Guitar effects pedals like delays, distortion, overdrive, wah-wah, reverb, and compressors, some very original and new sonic characteristics are created. For example, when using it on electric guitar, to add some reverb and a chorus pedal to create a moving spring like tremolo effect. Or, when playing electric bass, to add some overdrive and a bit of ping-pong delay along with the Guitar Triller to create some astonishingly cool new bass sounds. When used on Mandolin, Ukulele, and Banjo, the instruments literally transform in their sounds and tonal characteristics.

Check out some cool Guitar Triller techniques from Guitar Triller President Alex Bodnar