Get to Know: Fender’s New Deluxe Series Guitars


The Deluxe Series: for the dedicated players who understand there’s no such thing as a day off when you’re in the trenches, gigging night after night. With upgraded features, these instruments are a salute to the lifers, the hardest-working players on the scene.


12” Radius Neck with Modern “C” Shape and Narrow Tall Frets. Deluxe series instruments features a modern “C”-shaped neck designed for comfort and performance, while the 12”-radius fingerboard and narrow tall frets provide a familiar playing feel and make it easier to bend notes without fretting out. Great for playing upper register leads


Vintage Noiseless Pickups (Strat, Tele and Jazz Bass models). These pickups produce all the brilliantly pristine, well-defined tone of vintage single-coil pickups, with no hum.


Enhanced Electronics/Switching Configuration. All Deluxe Series instruments feature enhanced electronics and switching. These upgrades add even more useful tones to their arsenal while disguising the extra controls to maintain traditional aesthetics.

The Deluxe Stratocaster

Crank it out night after night on stage or in the studio with one of the upgraded Stratocaster models and their player friendly 12″ fingerboard radius.



The versatile Fender Deluxe Stratocaster combines noise-free performance with enhanced playing comfort, this sleek instrument is a truly deluxe performer that excels on stage and in the studio.



Stratocaster HSS

Fat, hard-rockin’ sound and elegant Fender style unite in the Deluxe Strat HSS, a versatile tone machine with power to spare.



Roadhouse Stratocaster

The Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster is the perfect instrument for a performer who demands sonic flexibility and the ability to easily switch sounds at the drop of a hat.


The Deluxe Telecaster

Sing, snarl and twang all night long with the hot-rodded Telecaster guitar’s complex sound and updated wiring.


Nashville Tele

With its original Fender style, customized switching and fast, smooth playing feel, this Telecaster is ready to command any stage from the local honky-tonk to the Grand Ol’ Opry.



Thinline Telecaster

Light in weight, but not sound, the Deluxe Telecaster Thinline is crafted with timelessly elegant style and authentic Fender tone.



Amplify Deluxe

Fender’s Bassbreaker series of amplifiers are ideal matches for the new Fender Deluxe series guitars. With classic Fender tube circuitry and a structure switch for toggling between three distinct tones, the Bassbreaker series is the newest evolution of the classic Fender Bassman sound.

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