What You Need to Know: Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork Guitar Pedal

The Pitch Fork from Electro Harmonix is a Polyphonic pitch shifter that can shift the pitch of your guitar up or down three octaves. While the Pitch Fork provides a fixed interval setting, it can also be used with an expression pedal for more variable control. Watch Jon Skibic from Electro Harmonix demo this great feature as he shows how to setup your expression pedal with the Pitch Fork for playing different notes. Jon shows us how the Pitch Fork can introduce a harmonic character to your playing. He also reviews the advantages of the having both Momentary and Latch settings on the Pitchfork proving that both settings bring a unique effect options. Finally John shows us how to customize this setup for your style by demoing how to change the ramp speed in momentary mode.


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Matthew Marcus
Matthew has been a performer for over half his life. He began singing in his elementary school chorus at 8 years old, eventually being invited to perform with the All County Chorus four times and participating in NYSSMA twice where he received high scores. Around the same time, he began playing trumpet. After two years in the school band, Matthew abandoned the trumpet and picked up a guitar. He has been playing guitar and writing songs since the age of 11 and performing live since the age of 13.