Kemper Profiler Head

One of the biggest misconceptions about the modern music era is the notion that guitar is a dying art. Between MIDI accessibility, plug-ins and software to emulate just about any instrument conceivable and computer-driven contemporary music, it’s easy to assume that guitars are relics or fossils buried underneath a layer of musical diversity.

But let’s back up for a quick second here, shall we? Whether it’s acoustic or electric, the guitar will always be cool. Even if this hypothetical idea that the guitar was part of a distant musical past existed, we’d still be intrigued by the historical context and nostalgia surrounding it. Alas, that isn’t the case. (at least not yet…)

The guitar is alive and well in 2020, and this gets the team at Sam Ash fired up like seeing our favorite sports team sign that coveted free agent we’ve all been salivating over. Take a look around, and you’ll see that the guitar is still a core component to the songwriting, performance and production processes that surround the music biz. Contrary to popular belief, pop music over the past ten years has introduced us to some unbelievably catchy and memorable guitar riffs (“Titanium”, “Shut up and Dance, “Cake by the Ocean”) and we’ve even seen some throwback-style guitar solos on recent tracks from artists like Post Malone (“Take What You Want”), Harry Styles (“Adore You”), Joji (“Run”), Rihanna (“Kiss It Better”) and Ariana Grande (“Dangerous Woman”). Other big-time artists now such as Lauv, The 1975 and Sofi Tukker are big proponents of guitar parts in pop music, and modern legends like John Mayer and Derek Trucks continue to inspire countless people to pick the instrument up in the first place.

The reason we bring this up is because it’s easy to get discouraged when guitar isn’t necessarily an overt instrument in our day and age. With that being said, the craft continues to evolve, transform and remain a fixture in music. You’ll need the right gear, which allows us to welcome the Kemper Profiler to the stage.

This guide will break down this absolute juggernaut of a guitar amplifier, which has become something of a religious symbol in the guitar community. The Kemper Profiler may look small, but it comes jam-packed with sounds, effect, amp models and settings to lather your guitar experience with ironclad versatility and functionality. In the modern music era, diversity is the name of the game, and you need gear that will turn your guitar performances into a one-stop-shop for whatever genre or style your hands gravitate towards. Or, in many cases, what your clients are gravitating towards.

It’s truly incredible what modern amplification technology can do for the shred-thirsty guitarist. Digital amps used to be seen as cheesy, a “cop-out” and generally lesser quality than their tube amp siblings. As time has gone on, however, they’ve taken on new life and earned a degree of respect amongst the guitar community. Part of this reason for the increasing value of a digitally-driven amp is the ever-increasing demand for smaller setups with bigger sound. Lugging around a surplus of gear, with truckloads of amplifiers and pedals, isn’t efficient in the case of many gigging musicians. On a world tour, it may make more sense, but even in the instance of larger-than-life rock bands or chart-shattering pop icons, those mega Marshall stacks are just for show; guitarists often run through one (hidden) main mic’d up or DI amplifier.

The Kemper Profiler is such a gem for performing guitarists and session players because of the robust versatility it offers for, quite literally, any genre your fingers work their magic on. With a lunchbox-sized construction and the soul of a tube amp, the Kemper Profiler resonates beautifully with that small-rig, sound-big demand alluded to above.

Mixing and matching sound allows that philosophy to take flight, offering guitarists a universe of sonic options. From the very beginning, users of the Kemper Profiler will have seemingly infinite control of classic amp profiles, cabinets and heads with plug-and-play capabilities unlike any other device on the market today. In other words, you can swap out any of these amplified assets to create unique combinations without restriction. The sky is the limit here! Courtesy of digital alchemy, crafting cabinet-amp combinations has never offered so much flexibility, or been so much freakin’ fun.

Convenience and accessibility can be tossed out the window if tone and stellar sound are compromised. Alas, guitarists should have no fear of missing out on that stadium-stacked sonic excellence when working the Kemper Profiler into their ax-wielding workflow. Guitar faithful will be offered a library of macro parameters to modulate the most mundane to the most complex of guitar-playing intricacies; gain control, equalizers, beefy distortion, your pick attack and more become complimentary components to your experience, not headaches or hindrances.

Four independent stomp-effect slots open up the floor for a tsunami of modulations and stomp box emulations, including but not limited to compressors, reverbs, delays, overdrives, distortions and rotary speakers. Of course, any of these effects can be manipulated and crafted to suit your needs as a performer of session cat, and then saved so you can recall them for a later session or gig. Heck, you’d even be able to manipulate sounds for a recording session that morning, save them and then bring them back to life on-stage that night, minimizing your need for extra gear or back-breaking labor with roadies.

Modern technology permits the Kemper Profiler to operate in ways that analog amps can’t even begin to fathom, allowing guitarists to control everything from tube symmetry to the age of the virtual hardware they’re jamming out with.

Pretty sweet, no?

Of course, some things never change; the Kemper Profiler comes with a traditional EQ setting system all too familiar with the amp heads of yesteryear. Consider it a bit of the best of both worlds, or perhaps the best of the past and the future. This is a perfect hybrid of aesthetics for the old-school guitarist looking to explore the wonders of the digital age and how it impacts their six-stringed skillset.

Guitarists reading this may be looking back and forth at their favorite tube amp at home or in the studio, feeling like they’re cheating on their current rig. Understandable, but what makes the Kemper Profiler such a guilt-free option is its simplicity with becoming a part of your existing shred-tastic setup. Instead of a flat-out replacement, think of this little beast as an addition to the performing/recording methods you have already established and come to know and love.

Profiling here is an absolute breeze. Plug your tube amp into the Kemper Profiler and boom, you’re ready to rock-and-roll. As it becomes a part of your recording chain, test signals will be sent from the Kemper Profiler into your favorite tube amp and, upon pressing “Record”, will capture the sonic structure of said tube amp. The end result is a customized profile that taps into every nitty-gritty detail that made you fall in love with your amp to begin with, but with a polished, profiled sound. A/B comparison mode will let you switch back and forth between the original and profiled sounds, without delay or hesitation.

Perhaps you don’t love your current amp situation, or need a bit of an upgrade to really hone in on your expressiveness and individualism as a player. Instead of having to go out and obtain a new amp, the Kemper Profiler can bring out the best of your playing without the need for a complete overhaul. As alluded to earlier, this monster of a tool has hundreds of amps and rigs pre-installed for your performance pleasure, with endless possibilities to craft how each sound responses to your touch. Rebuilding your desired tonal paradise is easily achievable, thanks to this revolutionary workflow technology. Overdubs and alternate takes in a studio context will become far less time-consuming and emotionally draining, and may save you a couple of bucks with that engineer who keeps insisting on just a “few” more takes…

Chances are, you’ve already picked up your favorite guitar and started ripping through some flashy licks or catchy chords, out of pure inspiration while reading this. That could just be me fantasizing about influencing a generation of players single-handedly… just let me have this moment, okay?

In all seriousness, the team at believes the Kemper Profiler is an absolute must-have for guitarists looking to step up their game in the digital age. Regular performers, studio enthusiasts and social media savvy players will reap the benefits of a rich demonstration of tone and sound manipulation. It becomes possible to sound like any guitarist you idolize or mimic, while supplying all of the right tools for crafting your own signature sound without breaking a sweat. Taking the stage and recording in the studio are very different practices, but the Kemper Profiler grants guitarists with the ability to do both and cook up the perfect amp-cabinet combos for literally any sonic atmosphere.

It’s been a long time since you’ve rock and rolled. Let the team at get you shredding again with the Kemper Profiler today.