Walrus Audio Kangra: Everything You Need to Know

So, what is this Kangra pedal? Alongside Jared Scharff of Saturday Night Live, the Kangra is a Filter Fuzz that brings all the noise you need in one convenient little box. As a guitar player and a synth guy, I can really appreciate this pedal. A little synth knowledge will go a long way here, but it’s definitely not necessary. Let’s take a look at it.

The Knobs

You have what you would expect in terms of stomp switches, as both the filter and the fuzz have individual switches along with LED’s to let you know which are activated. The M-V toggle switch lets you change between a smooth modern tone with lots of sustain or a chunky vintage tone. The mid toggle switch also lets you dial in scooped or nice flat mids depending on your preference. There’s also a simple volume knob for your level output.


Adjusts the sensitivity of the envelope applied to the filter cutoff.

Env Switch

Engages the envelope applied to the filter cutoff frequency.


Controls resonance of the 2-pole low-pass filter circuit.


Sets the filter cutoff frequency to the filter circuit.


Hey, that’s all great… but what does all that mean? It means you get an awesome fuzz with a filter built in that you can dial to your liking. You can build really cool aggressive and sweeping tones or really mellow wah like sounds. There are a lot off possibilities, so be sure to check out the Kangra from Walrus Audio.

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Dave Stutts
Dave Stutts is a native of the greater Hampton Roads area of Virginia. He received his Bachelors of Music degree in Theory & Composition from the prestigious Christopher Newport University music school. He is a music composer living and working in New York City. He specializes in orchestral/symphonic work as well as pop and digital music. His scoring work has ranged from Chamber Ensemble pieces (String Quartets/Brass Quintets), larger ensembles compositions (Wind Ensemble/Symphony Orchestra/String Orchestra), as well as short film and video game work.He is also a songwriter and a regular gigging musician in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. He refers to his style as Pop/Rock and Blues. His musical career began when he started playing guitar at age 5. He later progressed to Bass in middle school, Drums in High School, and finally Percussion and Piano in college. When asked, he has cited Michael Giacchino, Hans Zimmer, and John Williams as his major film and video game inspirations, and John Mayer as his primary pop inspiration.