A 14 year veteran of Sam Ash Music, Johnnie Rago hails from North Bergen, New Jersey and currently lives in Jersey City. His favorite style of music is Rock. You can find Johnnie at the Edison, New Jersey Sam Ash location.

What Artist/Moment Inspired You To Pursue Music?

Well being a little older it was Ringo Starr and the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Tell Us About Your Musical Background

I started banging on things at about two years old. Got my first drum set at seven. Got my hands on every record I could. Started playing in garage bands at the age of 11. Took a couple of music courses in college, then started playing in original bands did some recordings and live shows. Started teaching, which I still do. I now play several other instruments and have a small recording studio in my house. I now play in a band called “The New Bardots.”

Describe What is Unique About you Musically

Nothing really unique — I’m a solid drummer with a love of music. I always come prepared and ready to play and I always believe that a band is made up of several musicians and I am just part of the big picture.

How Are You Involved With Your Local Music Scene?

Well right now I’m part of a band called “The New Bardots.” We just released a record this summer and did a show at the Stone Pony with the 80’s band Squeeze. We just released a new single “Change Reaction” available on all the download music sites.

What Are Your Personal Goals as A Musician?

My passion is to keep Rock n’ Roll alive and well in the hearts and minds of the young people who might not know about the GREAT MUSIC and BANDS of PAST. And to ROCK TILL I DROP!!!

Tell Us About Your Latest Projects

Besides The New Bardots I design and customize drums. My latest projects are a NY Yankee themed snare drum and several other themed snares and drum sets. I’m also working on a website to promote all of my music and drum projects.

You can check out Johnnie’s music with The New Bardots on Spotify, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and YouTube.