John Petrucci | Artist Interview

March 5, 2021  
Posted by Dave Stutts
John Petrucci | Artist Interview

I recently sat down with the one and only, John Petrucci at Dream Theater HQ! John has a lot going on professionally in his life right now. He talked about the new Dream Theater album, his new signature Ernie Ball Music Man guitar, the tour, and so much more! Check it out and see play times below.

John Petrucci | Artist Interview


Play Times

00:00 New Album
12:02 History with Sam Ash
13:40 John's New Signature Guitar
27:39 Dave and John Bond Over BMX
29:57 What Keeps Dream Theater Motivated?
33:42 How Often Does John Check Out New Gear?
37:27 Baddest Beard in the Game
40:30 The Song that Gives Dave Pause
41:00 Does John Petrucci Still Practice?
43:43 John's Advice to the Next Generation of Shredders

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