Founded in 1932, Jean Baptiste started in a small shop in the heart of New York City with a single mission statement: To bring affordable, high-quality brass and woodwind instruments into the hands of those looking to pursue their musical goals. For over 80 years, Jean Baptiste has provided its instruments to players of all ages and skill levels, helping to launch the careers of countless students, educators and artists. An unwavering commitment to music education by enhancing the music playing experience has resulted in Jean Baptiste’s current line of woodwind and brass instruments that bring unparalleled craftsmanship, tone and playability to the market. Guided by the essential goals affordability, attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, along with a deep understanding of students, music educators and professional musicians, Jean Baptiste is a name you can trust as you embark on your musical endeavors. Let’s check out some of the latest Jean Baptiste instruments.

Jean Baptiste Brass

Starting with Brass, Jean Baptiste offers some incredible trumpets and trombones in addition to a few specialty instruments like French Horns, Euphoniums and Sousaphones.

Jean Baptiste TP483LE Student Trumpet

Jean Baptiste 483LE Student Trumpet Silver Finish










Available in beautiful gold lacquer or a stunning silver finish, the Jean Baptiste TP483LE Trumpet is one of the most feature-rich student trumpets available, sharing many of the same technical characteristics and tonal qualities as professional trumpets. The TP483LE’s body is constructed of yellow brass, while its outer tuning slide is made of nickel silver for added strength and durability. Unlike other trumpets in its class, the TP483LE features a 5″ gold brass bell and leadpipe for a warmer sound than the average student trumpet. It also has three monel-plated valves for excellent durability and slotting, the same valves you’ll find on many pro-level trumpets. The Jean Baptiste TP483LE is a full student outfit which means it includes a deluxe lightweight carry case and the ideal 7C mouthpiece. Beginners are more likely to continue on with an instrument when they start with a well-made, reliable one. And the Jean Baptiste TP483LE Trumpet is the perfect first step in any trumpet player’s journey.


Need to Know Features:

  • Keyed to Bb
  • 5″ gold brass bell, leadpipe
  • .459″ bore: Medium Large bore
  • Nickel silver tuning slide
  • Three monel-plated valves
  • Lacquer finish


Jean Baptiste 512SX Step Up Student Trumpet
Jean Baptiste 512SX Step Up Student Trumpet

Boasting a beautiful silver finish with elegant gold accents, the Jean Baptiste 512SX Step-Up student trumpet is simply a great trumpet at an even better price. The trumpets  .459” small to medium  bore is perfect for students because it’s lower resistance requires less air to fill the instrument. This lets you focus on learning technique and style while giving you plenty of projection to cut through the rest of the band. The medium sized 4.8” bell is constructed of yellow brass for enhanced projection and better balance which helps improve playability. The monel valves feature gold trim and provide the perfect amount of rebound so you can focus on learning. The 512SX is sold as an outfit and includes a deluxe lightweight carry case and 5C mouthpiece.

Need to Know Features

  • A .459″ bore for easy playability
  • Monel valves for excellent action
  • Yellow Brass lead pipe
  • 4.8″ Yellow brass bell for great projection
  • Silver Plated body for a bright and professional sound
  • Silver plated mouthpiece
  • Gold trim on valves
  • Includes case and 5C Mouthpiece
Jean Baptiste ST 390 Tenor Trombone
Jean Baptiste ST390 Student Trombone


The Jean Baptiste ST390 Tenor Trombone is the ideal trombone for the start of your musical journey. It a yellow brass bell and body with nickel silver bracings for added strength and durability. It also features an improved finish on the hand slide for increased reliability, as well as superior sound and feel. The ST390 features an 8″ laser-fused, plazuma-welded yellow brass bell for optimal resonance. Its .500″ bore ensures that even the most novice player will be able to play with minimal effort. In addition, the ST390 sports our very best nickel silver slide, offering effortless action and improved tone.

Need to Know Features

  • Keyed to Bb
  • 8″ yellow brass bell
  • .500″ bore: Small bore
  • Nickel silver tuning slide, hand slide
  • Lacquer finish
  • Includes case and small shank 12C mouthpiece


Jean Baptiste SOUSAL1 Sousaphone
Jean Baptiste SOUSAL1 Sousaphone

Designed for the advancing low brass player, the Jean Baptiste SOUSAL1 Sousaphone is a reliable, powerful marching horn that won’t break the bank.The SOUSAL1 features a 26″ yellow brass bell, and a .630″ bore ensures that even the most novice player will be able to play with a full, rich sound. The sousaphone has nickel silver valves, designed to withstand the wear and tear associated with marching instruments. Each SOUSAL1 is also fitted with a yellow brass leadpipe and nickel silver tuning slides to help generate a more brilliant tone, and for added strength at these key areas. Lastly, the instrument is packaged with a rugged, wheeled case for maximum protection and mobility, as well as a mouthpiece.

Need to Know Features

  • Keyed to Bb
  • 26″ yellow brass bell, lead pipe
  • .630″ bore: Small bore
  • Nickel silver tuning slides, valves
  • Lacquer finish
  • Includes case and mouthpiece

Jean Baptiste Woodwinds

Over the course of several decades, Jean Baptiste’s line of woodwinds has been carefully refined to provide players of all ages and skill levels with well made,reliable instruments that far exceeds the tone and playability of instruments in their class. Every saxophone, flute and clarinet is carefully inspected by Jean Baptiste’s quality control team to ensure that every instrument can be played right out of the case with no need for adjustments.

Jean Baptiste 290AL Student Alto Saxophone
Jean Baptiste 290AL Student Saxophone

The latest addition to Jean Baptiste’s popular line of student saxophones, the Jean Baptiste 290AL student saxophone, is the perfect blend of quality, performance and affordability. Designed for saxophonists of all ages and performance levels, the 290 is a reliable saxophone that offers superior intonation. The 290 features an expertly designed neck for superb projection and tone. This neck makes the 290 free blowing and responsive, so a beginner can effortlessly produce music and enjoy the instrument. The 290AL features a yellow brass body with single post construction to keep it lightweight and increase the vibrations of the body. The instrument also has blued steel springs for maximum durability and quick, comfortable action. Lastly, the 290AL is sold as an outfit, so it includes a lightweight protective case and an American-made plastic mouthpiece. Every Jean Baptiste alto saxophone features high-quality Italian leather pads for a proper and long lasting seal.With key work and ergonomics that will feel comfortable in the hands of any player, regardless of age or size, the Jean Baptiste 290AL is the ideal saxophone to launch your musical career.

Need to Know Features:

  • Keyed to Eb
  • Yellow brass body
  • Single post body construction
  • Plastic thumbrest, PVC key touches
  • Blued steel springs
  • Italian leather pads
  • Lacquer finish
  • Includes case and American-made mouthpiece

Jean Baptiste 290CL Student Clarinet

Jean Baptiste 290CL Student Clarinet

The Jean Baptiste 290CL student clarinet is designed with a rugged and seriously durable ABS body so it can handle your constant trips between home and school.  Keyed to Bb, the 290CL offers forged nickel plated keys delivering just the right amount of resistance so you can learn proper technique. For enhanced comfort the 290CL contains an adjustable thumb hook so you can dial in your preffered setup. The 290 is also built with blue steel springs that provide the Clarinet with a great feeling action. The specially designed Bore and barrel are set with perfect intonation so you can generate those warm wood sounds usually reserved for premium all wood clarinets costing thousands of dollars. Sold as an outfit, the Jean Baptiste 290CL clarinet includes a compact case with thick cushioned protection and a mouthpiece.

Need to Know Features

Bb flat clarinet

ABS Construction

Forged Nickel plated keys

Adjustable thumb rest

Blue Steel Springs

Specially designed medium bore

Includes deluxe compact case

Mouthpiece included


Jean Baptiste FL290 Student Flute

The Jean Baptiste FL290 Student Flute features a closed-hole design which is ideal for students and beginners because it allows you to focus on breathing and technique without worrying about exact finger placement. The plateau-style keys offer enhanced playability and comfort. The FL290 is also designed with an Offset G-Key which will help your ability to reach it. Other great features include an upgraded head joint which offers a dynamic projection and warmer tone. You also get double skin Italian pads which provide increased durability. The FL290 is setup in the Key of C, which is recommended by most band teachers. This flute is also finished with silver plating which provides a beautiful aesthetic. Sold as an outfit, the FL290 includes a premium lightweight case with plenty of cushioning to protect your instrument during travel.

Need to Know Features:

  • Keyed to C
  • Nickel silver body
  • Closed-hole keys
  • Offset G key
  • C foot joint
  • Double skin Italian pads
  • Silver-plated finish
  • Includes case

The Sam Ash Difference:

Jean Baptiste instruments have been designed in collaboration with Sam Ash Band and Orchestra experts. This ensures that these instruments provide everything a student or beginner needs to succeed without the exorbitant price point. When you buy any instrument from Sam Ash, you will also have the opportunity to add an optional extended service plan. The Sam Ash service plan is an incredible value, offering you setups and cleanings with our in store professional repair technicians. This will help keep your instrument in premium playing condition long after your initial purchase. If you’re not near a store, don’t worry, just call our Brass and Woodwinds experts at 800-472-6274 and they will walk you through everything you need to embark on your musical journey. All Sam Ash stores also offer rental programs for Jean Baptiste Instruments so you can experience their incredible quality as you figure out if you want to pursue music.