Les Paul is known the world over for the guitar that bears his name. However, he is equally a legend in the recording industry where he pioneered multi-track recording. In honor of his work in the recording studio, Gibson has created a series of Les Paul Reference Monitors designed for producers, musicians or any one who wants the ultimate listening experience.
These new studio monitors were designed with one goal in mind – to provide to most accurate reproduction of the recorded source possible. Comprised of exceptional materials such as carbon-coated titanium tweeters, non woven carbon woofers and custom designed amplification systems, the Les Paul Reference Monitors deliver superior instrument definition, imaging and transient response that allow for accurate mixing and mastering. As speakers for your home system, they deliver the same high quality sound that recording artists demand in the studio environment.

To top things off, the Les Paul Reference Monitors feature the iconic styling of a Gibson Les Paul guitar – carved flame maple fronts, and a choice of high-gloss nitrocellouse finishes.