Ibanez has worked closely with guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani for nearly three decades, and today, Ibanez is excited to introduce a very special rendition of the signature JS model with the Limited Edition JSART2. With only 30 instruments available in the United States, the JSART2 presents a rare opportunity for the die-hard Satch fan, the discerning collector, and the guitarist who just wants an axe that will really stand out in the crowded world of electric guitars.

Signature guitars like the Ibanez Limited Edition JSART2 Joe Satriani Signature model are the ones that really capture the unique personality of the artist behind the axe. This guitar is not just a standard stock guitar with a few minor tweaks and a legendary guitarist’s name slapped on it, this JSART2 is the true embodiment of Joe’s remarkable creativity and imagination, both as a guitarist and as an artist.

A perfect addition to the Sam Ash Guitars of Distinction collection, the Limited Edition JSART2 Joe Satriani Signature is a true one-off instrument that showcases the unique artwork of one of the biggest names in rock. The basswood body is finished in white high gloss and then drawn over & colored in with Satch’s bold, distinctive alienesque design. The back of the guitar has also been personally signed by Joe. Not only is this guitar going to really turn heads when you bring it on stage, but it’s also an incredibly interesting collector’s piece that’s as unique as a fingerprint or snowflake.

Check out the artistic process behind the Limited Edition JSART2 Joe Satriani Signature model

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