How to Change and Tune a Snare Drum Head

Drummers know — you have to nail your snare sound if you want to play like a pro. That all begins with keeping it in tune by properly adjusting your snare head. This video sets out to show you all you need to know when you’re changing your snare head.

From using the right tools to maximize efficiency and keep your gear perfectly intact, to the benefits of different drum head craftsmanship, to the actual process of checking the sound, this video covers it all.

Watch it now and internalize all this bangin’ knowledge or save it for another time when you’re ready to change your drum head. Regardless of when you view, rest assured this info is top-notch, because no one knows drum heads like Evans. With decades of experience under their belts, Evans’ track record assures they’re going to keep you primed for drumming success.