How to Play a Bajo Quinto (for Guitar Players) | feat. Max Baca of H. Jimenez

If you’re a guitar player that loves to expand your knowledge and capabilities, you may be interested in learning another similar instrument. May we suggest the Bajo Quinto? You’d be in good company — as you’ll learn from a first-hand story in this video, even Keith Richards was struck by how cool the Bajo Quinto is.

Learning this instrument is a ton of fun and can really expand your musical horizons. The “Grizzly Bear of Guitars,” this powerful acoustic instrument has a neck similar to a guitar, but with a big, growling sound. Like any acoustic-electric, you can plug it in for increased live performance and studio options.

The Quinto is tuned in fourths — A, D, G, C, F. The A and D strings are doubled in octaves, with the remainder being doubled in unison. You’ll quickly notice that some of the chord forms you already know as a guitarist can be easily transposed to create chords on the Bajo.

Check out this video for some premier Bajo Quinto (and Keith Richards) education.