There are tons of loopers on the market but none as compact and portable as the Hotone Wally+ Mini Looper! Measuring at 3″ x 4″ x 2.5″ inches, you can fit this pedal literally in the palm of your hand! Its small footprint allows you to add it to your pedalboard while still having room for all the pedals that craft your unique sound. With all of the parts built into a metal chassis, you can drop it, kick it, throw it, run over it with your car (though we don’t advise that) and it will still keep on ticking!


Even if this is the first looper you’ve ever dealt with, it’s simple layout makes it incredibly easy to use! You have a volume knob to change the output, a tempo knob to make your loops faster or slower, and a phrase knob to change which loop you want to jam or save to. You may be asking yourself, “How do I save my loops?” Easy: press the “SAVE” knob in the middle of the pedal and your idea is saved for you to play whenever you want!


If you’re brimming with ideas for new loops and song ideas, you never have to worry about prioritizing which ones you need to keep; this tiny pedal boasts 8GBs of internal memory and 11 banks to save all of your creative loop ideas. Each bank allows for 30 minutes of recording time so you can record your magnum opus for as long as it takes to watch your favorite sitcom! STILL don’t have enough room on the pedal? Don’t fret (excuse the pun)! You can import/export all of your ideas to and from your computer so you can have your entire library of ideas on your computer and take the most important ideas from gig to gig within the pedal. Mix and match to your hearts content! Don’t worry if you’re a Mac or PC user: this pedal is friendly with all computers!


You might think that being a smaller pedal you’d be sacrificing tone but you’d be dead wrong! Besides one of the most portable looper pedals on the market, it features 24-bit 44.1kHz recording/playback quality so your loops can sound just like it would through the amp. The tone of your loops will sound nearly identical to your live playing making it sound like there are multiple clones of you playing onstage in unison!


Regardless of your instrument, style, or skill level, you too can easily use the Wally+ Looper! It’s strong build and it’s multiple features make it so you never have to be limited creatively and can play with it for years. For some of you, it may be the first and last looper pedal you’ll ever need! You can find this pedal at

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Ben Ash
Ben Ash is a member of the Sam Ash Music family, both literally and figuratively. He has worked on the sales floor in both the Huntington and Forest Hills location. As Social Media Coordinator, he was integral with bringing the social media of the company to new heights and relevancy. He was also a Manager of the Northeast region. Currently, he is the Content Marketing Manager for Sam Ash Music. He received a Bachelors Degree in Music Business at Berklee College Of Music in 2012. He’s a proficient guitar player and can also play bass and ukulele. Although he grew up as a fan of classic rock and alternative, he’s now opened his mind to being a fan of many genres of music. He regularly posts his music covers on his YouTube channel and has played multiple venues in Long Island, NYC, Philadelphia and Boston.