The Binary series from HOTONE boasts incredible sound and technology encased in a small footprint. What makes the series unique is the advanced CDCM (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit modeling) system that works to give you the most organic tone possible by making sure all the dynamic nuances of your playing are expressed in your sound. The CDCM works in conjunction with the dual DSP-powered platform to help give you the highest quality with whatever you’re playing as it’s converted to through 24-bit A/D/A. Each pedal offers a USB port so you can plug into your favorite DAW and start recording, as well as port your favorite customized sounds to and from the pedal. Regardless of where you play, you won’t have a problem seeing your pedals or knobs with each having a bright OLED screen and 5 translucent LED knobs so you can tweak your pedals on the fly.

Binary AMP

The HOTONE Binary amp offers 16 of the best vintage and current amp heads based on brands such as Friedman, Matchless, Fender, Marshall, and more encased in one, small pedal at an incredibly affordable price! With this pedal, you can plug into any cabinet or use it by itself with its built-in cab simulators right into your favorite DAW and sound like the real deal!

  • 16 CDCM-based legendary guitar amp models to choose from each with a cab simulator
  • FX loop capability with Send and Return to add in your favorite pedals without disrupting your chain
  • 10 presets so you can start playing right away

Binary CAB

The HOTONE Binary Cab is the most compact and user friendly way to carry around and use some of the best guitar cabinets ever made! No need for a separate room or storage locker to store all your treasured cabinets when you can put it all in one pedal small enough to put on a pedal board!

  • 100 IR-based legendary guitar and bass cab models to get those amazing sought-after tones your favorite guitarists and bassists use
  • 8 CDCM-based power amp models with presence control to help dial in your overall desired amp sound
  • 11 CDCM-based legendary studio microphones with the ability to position them virtually on a X/Y/Z axis to get your desired mic placement
  • Auxillary input and headphone output so you can play and practice to your favorite tracks in private
  • Built-in room reverb simulation to give a warmer, more present tone to your overall sound

Binary EKO

The HOTONE Binary Eko is a small pedal packed with 17 incredible high-quality delay effects for you to choose from and tweak with more detail and options than any other pedal its size. You can now limit the space on your pedal board and still have access multiple fantastic delay effects. Whether you’re looking for classic tape and tube echos or delay tones based on pedals from Maxon, Electro-Harmonix or others, there’s definitely something for you in this wonderful little box!

  • 17 incredible sounding delay effects whether they be classic delays or Hotone designed original effects
  • Delay times ranging from 1000ms to 4000ms
  • Tap Tempo function to tap in the perfect rhythm for your delay
  • EXP jack to allow you to plug in your favorite expression pedal to manipulate your chosen delay sound in real time
  • 10 presets so you can start playing right away

Binary MOD

The HOTONE Binary Mod is the most affordable pedal for its size that’s jam packed with 24 awesome modulation effects that can be tailored to fine detail. Whether you prefer chorus, phaser, tremolo, vibrato, wah, or any other classic modulation effect, you’ll have fun picking your favorites out and designing them for your playing style with ease.

  • 24 high-quality modulation effects, including CDCM-based classic pedals and Hotone designed original effects
  • Tap Tempo to change parameters of chosen modulation
  • Stereo ins and outs
  • EXP jack to allow you to plug in your favorite expression pedal to manipulate your chosen modulation effect in real time
  • Pure Analog Buffered Bypass switching with flat frequency response
  • 10 presets so you can start playing right away

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Ben Ash
Ben Ash is a member of the Sam Ash Music family, both literally and figuratively. He has worked on the sales floor in both the Huntington and Forest Hills location. As Social Media Coordinator, he was integral with bringing the social media of the company to new heights and relevancy. He was also a Manager of the Northeast region. Currently, he is the Content Marketing Manager for Sam Ash Music. He received a Bachelors Degree in Music Business at Berklee College Of Music in 2012. He’s a proficient guitar player and can also play bass and ukulele. Although he grew up as a fan of classic rock and alternative, he’s now opened his mind to being a fan of many genres of music. He regularly posts his music covers on his YouTube channel and has played multiple venues in Long Island, NYC, Philadelphia and Boston.