From The City Of Violins:

We have been buying and selling Violins since we opened our first storefront in Brooklyn way back in 1924. In fact, Sam Ash himself was an accomplished performing Violinist before he became a salesman. As the years went by Sam made it his mission to offer high quality violins at prices that were attainable for the working musician. After decades scouring the globe to honor Sam’s mission, we came to the conclusion that Southern Europe was premier region for the production of high quality Violins. Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership with perhaps the most respected Romanian string instrument maker, Hora Violins. Based in Reign, Romania aka the City of Violin’s, Hora has maintained the exact production process they have been using for hundreds of years. All instruments bearing the Hora name are hand built in small batches by  a few select luthiers using maple and spruce wood sourced from local forests in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains.

Built on Sound

Hora understands that every tree, as with all of nature, is different, and an expert technician will know how to “read the wood” and choose the sections and subtle grain variations that will achieve the maximum qualities of sound and tone for the instrument. The lush and dynamic sounding Hora Violin’s are matched with a simply striking aesthetic thanks to Hora’s oil based finishing process. This method not only emphasizes the wood’s natural flame and grain, but also helps to produce a more open and powerful sound. For the perfect finishing touch, Hora Violins are then equipped with upgraded Thomastik Dominant Strings, and delivered as outfits with a professional-quality horsehair bow and oblong case.

Hear The Difference

 At a time when more and more Violins are being mass produced by machine and sent over by the container load from Asia, our partnership with Hora is a refreshing pivot in the opposite direction. We invite you to come down to your local Sam Ash Music store and hear the difference that quality Southern European craftsmanship and locally sourced materials can provide.