Whether you’ve been recording for years or are just starting out, a portable digital recorder is a great way to ensure that you’ll be set to record whenever and wherever you need to. The quality and convenience of a portable digital recorder makes them the perfect option for users who want the added ability of transportation to go along with high quality audio recording capabilities.

Advantages of a Portable Digital Recorder

Let’s face it; most of us are unable to run out to a professional recording studio whenever inspiration strikes. Fortunately, with a portable digital recorder, you won’t need to. A portable digital recorder gives you the ability to record everything from your private practice session to live bands, all on the go with a light weight, battery operated recording unit.

The wide variety of portable digital recorder units on the market today means you’ll be able to find one that perfectly fits your portable recording needs. With a user friendly hand-held stereo recorder or a portable multi-track at your disposal you’ll be ready to record at the drop of a dime. Then, once your tracks are recorded, you’ll be able to easily transfer your songs from your portable digital recorder to your computer using either high speed USB or an SD-card.

Types of Portable Digital Recorders

Handheld Digital Recorders — For users looking to capture a great audio recording of themselves practicing at home, jamming with a full band, or even performing live, a hand-held stereo recorder makes for the perfect portable digital recorder. Not only are hand-held stereo recorders small enough to fit into your gig bag, but they’re also amazingly powerful and incredibly easy to use. In fact, with hand-held digital recording devices, you won’t need any additional equipment to start recording, just press “record” and you’re on your way.

The Tascam DR-07 MKII for example packs a powerful punch in a remarkably small, light-weight unit. With studio quality microphones built into the unit, recording your music is as easy as pressing a button. The DR-07 will even set the recording levels itself to ensure that you capture all the nuances of your playing. Plus, with dual on-board microphones designed to give you a stereo recording that accentuates the depth of your music while eliminating phase-shifting issues, the Tascam DR-07 combines the ease of a hand-held stereo recorder with the quality of more complex units.

Multi-track Digital Recorders — If you’re looking for a portable digital recorder with a little more control and greater breadth, a portable multi-track unit will be right up your alley. With the ability to record several tracks at the same time and then edit or add more as you go, a portable multi-track is perfect for users looking for most of the features of a professional studio in a highly portable package.

The Boss BR800 Digital Recorder is a perfect example of efficiency and quality coming together to make a powerful portable digital recording unit perfect for nearly every occasion. Like the Zoom H1, the Boss BR800 has built in stereo microphones, runs on batteries, and is easy to operate. In addition, the Boss BR800 gives you the ability to record up to four tracks at once through connected microphones, and then overdub, edit, add and erase additional tracks. And when you’re all done recording, the Boss BR800 lets you playback 8 tracks simultaneously, giving you the ability to mix on the go wherever you are.

With a portable digital recorder at your disposal you’ll never be without a quick and easy means of capturing your music wherever you are. Whether relying on the amazing simplicity of a hand-held stereo recorder or the power and diversity of a portable multi-track, you can be sure to find a portable digital recorder that will get the job done.