Guitar Lessons With Arlen Roth: R&B

We often forget that R&B stands for “rhythm and blues”; Arlen Roth most certainly remembers, however. Hallmarked by soulful chord voicings, lead licks mixed into rhythm playing and a genuine sense of feel, R&B guitar is a funky-fresh reminder that this instrument sets the mood unlike any other.

This video will quench the thirst for guitar players looking to dig into the art of incorporating tasty lead patterns into grooving rhythmic ideas, in both an old-school and modern context. What makes R&B such a notable genre is the fact that so many sizzling guitar styles – blues, rockabilly, funk – borrow elements from this sound that originated during the days of Otis Redding and other classic R&B artists.

But hey, don’t take our word for it. Allow Arlen Roth and his double-jointed pinky to lay it down for you.