Gibson Les Paul Traditional Classic ABR Electric Guitar

An incredible value for the discerning Les Paul player, the Gibson Les Paul Traditional Classic ABR 2015 gives you all the premium features you could ever want in a Les Paul including a full-gloss finish, nickel hardware, and covered ’57 Classic pickups. Giving players everything they could ever want in a Les Paul, the Gibson Les Paul Traditional Classic ABR 2015 comes loaded up with high-end features that you’d normally only find on more expensive Les Paul models such as a no-shortcut full gloss finish on the top, back and sides, genuine nickel hardware, and a pair of covered ’57 Classic pickups.

For the Les Paul lover and player… this one is for you. Starting with the familiar old-school brown case with pink lining, it even looks good put away. Sam Ash is proud to present a model designed by our Les Paul-playing staff, for Les Paul players. Based on the popular and time-tested favorite, the Les Paul Classic, the Les Paul Traditional Classic ABR is exactly as described by its model name. Upon playing, the first thing you will notice is the tapered classic neck. Not huge like a ’50s baseball bat, and not a shredders fretboard with strings. This neck is a medium slim players dream, and it’s topped with real one-piece rosewood fingerboard. The nut width is a return to the classic 1-11/16″ width that players have come to love for over 60 years. The nut width is right in the sweet spot. It isn’t “too narrow” (a spec you’d find on a late ’60s model) and it’s not extra wide either (a spec you’d find on a 2015 model). No matter how beautiful a guitar is, or how good she sounds, for a player, it all starts and ends with the neck. You won’t be disappointed.

We didn’t skimp on anything else either. Your Les Paul has to look good, too, right? While keeping the price down, we were still able to give you the things Les Paul players have come to love and expect. The Les Paul Traditional Classic ABR 2015 features a full nitro lacquer gloss finish for the top, back, sides and neck. No shortcut “top only” gloss. You will also notice a first for the “Classic” model: genuine nickel hardware instead of chrome, and nickel pickup covers to boot! An ABR-1 bridge replaces the more modern “Nashville” bridge for added sustain and tone. Just as it was done on those legendary ’50s ‘Bursts, the ABR bridge is anchored right into the body by a threaded rod. Another surprise feature for a classic model is the pickups. A pair of nickel-covered ’57 Classics replace the ceramic humbuckers that are usually found on classics. Combined with the hand-wired control cavity and orange drop caps, classic vintage Les Paul tone is right at your fingertips.

Made from the classic Les Paul ingredients that made this instrument legendary, the Les Paul Traditional Classic ABR 2015 sports a maple cap over a mahogany back. For less weight without sacrificing tone or sustain, the back employs Gibson’s 9-hole weight relief to offer a lighter feel that your back will thank you for.

Rounding out the package is Gibson’s revolutionary G-FORCE automatic tuning system. Standard as well as custom tunings are a strum and a button push away. Quick action motors provide fast, precise & accurate tuning, and from the front, they look just like traditional Kluson tuners. The G-FORCE system is quick and easy to learn and use, but if you insist on tuning by ear, you can turn the tuners just like any standard/vintage set of tuning keys.

All these features are bundled into a very affordable, USA-built, genuine Gibson Les Paul. No corners cut, no compromise. Available in Ebony or Iced Tea at no extra charge.