Gibson Custom CS9 “Pinup” ’50s Style Les Paul

Holy Toledo! Do you see this top? The Gibson Custom Shop CS9 “Pinup” Les Paul is now available exclusively through Sam Ash. Only 5 of these fantastic creations will be available. After digging through 3 complete skids of fine maple tops, our buyers selected 5 of the most striking tops that they could get their hands on. Unsurpassed playability and vintage tone all day, but also downright sexy. All the things we love in a ’50s Les Paul—just with the volume turned up a bit. Monster top? You can see the figure from the moon! Big ol’ neck? Like the business end of a Louisville slugger! The list goes on and on.

This Custom Shop R9-inspired creation was specifically designed with the kind of person in mind who is both a collector and a serious player.

As a collector, what basic elements do you look for in a Les Paul? Most of the time, the more the flame, the higher the demand. If she is just going to hang on your wall like a pinup, let’s see a nice, rich and dark rosewood fingerboard, and of course, some big flame!

As a Les Paul player, what might you want to see on a vintage Les Paul if the collectability/money factor was not an issue? You’d probably like a set of sturdy, accurate Grover keys instead of the fragile Kluson keys. You’d also probably like some fret wire that’s a touch bigger than the vintage wire. So many vintage ’50s Gibsons are re-fretted with larger frets and Grover keys that if you didn’t know for sure, you might think these features came standard. Playability and tone are as important as aesthetics. Uncovered ’57 classics are round and sweet, and can turn on a dime to fierce and heartbreaking. Miss the older reissue neck profile a bit? This neck will fill up Frankenstein’s hand, and plays as fast as the Mach 5.

Another difference from the strict reissue is a metal input plate cover instead of plastic, which is something you never think about until the plastic gives out. The toggle rhythm/treble ‘poker chip’ has been removed entirely; you know what pickup you’re on and don’t need to cover up your beautiful wood, unless of course, it’s with a pick guard featuring a vintage pinup girl. From guitars, hot rods, and bombers to tool boxes and calendars, the ‘Pinup’ is the definitive finishing touch. Just like the guitar featured, she represents 1950s style, beauty, attitude, desire, and raw sex appeal. That’s a near overpowering combination in what we believe is one damn sexy guitar, a player’s dream, and a future collector’s item. Comes complete with a hardshell case and a Certificate of Authenticity from Gibson Custom.