Novation’s Launchpad series gives you full control over Ableton Live Software. The Launchpad Pro builds on this legacy with 64 RGB velocity and pressure sensitive trigger pads for visual feedback of your Ableton productions. You also get 32 RGB function buttons for controlling mixing functions as you perform your track. Today we are exploring the newest feature of the Launchpad Pro, Scale Mode, which makes Ableton live integration even more straightforward.

What is Launchpad Pro Scale Mode?

Scale Mode allows users to effortlessly play and record perfectly in-key basslines, melodies, chords and leads. Play in any of the standard western scales such as major or minor, as well as more unusual scales from around the world like Hirajoshi and Yo scale. This works with the included Ableton Live Lite software as well as any hardware drum machine, keyboard, synthesizer, or instrument that receives MIDI messages. There are currently 32 scales available with the ability to select any one of 12 notes to use as the root note for your selected scale.

How Does Scale Mode Improve Ableton Live Workflow

Scale Mode adds to the already extensive Ableton Live control offered on the Launchpad Pro and other Launchpad controllers. For beginners, this is a great way to create compositions using a Launchpad Pro controller and Ableton without extensive music theory knowledge. For those with comprehensive music theory ability, you can use Scale Mode to get your ideas into Ableton with a controller that provides more portability than a traditional MIDI keyboard. This will allow for Ableton users to focus more on creativity and inspiration rather than technicality when creating music.

How Can Scale Mode Enhance Your Other Novation Hardware

The Launchpad Pro is the perfect complement to an existing piece of hardware such as the Bass Station II, Mininova, and UltraNova. The Launchpad Pro can control the functions of any piece of hardware that receives MIDI, which means you can use the new Scale Mode with all of your existing synthesizers, drum machines, or samplers. Couple the Launchpad Pro with a Launch Control XL for total control over the parameters inside of Ableton Live or your hardware. Pair any Launchpad with one of the Launchkey Keyboard Controllers to control two independent MIDI instruments for dynamic live recordings and stage performances.