PLUSH by FUCHS Audio makes incredibly delays that are worth adding to your board. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the Replay Tube Delay.

The PLUSH Replay Tube Delay is an incredibly warm sounding delay pedal with added sonic features to dial in exactly what you want for your analog delay sound. For instance, you have your standing Delay Time, Mix, and Repeat knobs you’d find on most delay pedals but there are three added knobs to get a delay sound that will rival most pedals on the market: Fidelity for frequency response of your repeating signal and the Wow and Flutter knobs to allow you to emulate distressed/old delay pedals. What that means is when the repeats happen on most modern pedals, the decay will sound exactly like the first hit but with this pedal, you can have it degrade in quality or get a link weird like a worn tape! Regardless of how you set up the pedal, you can guarantee it’ll sound great with its built in vacuum tube audio signal path and 16 khz of bandwidth for the best tone possible. What’s surprising to note is that it’s actually a digital delay pedal but the tube helps give the pedal a more analog quality. If you’re into retro gear, you’ll appreciate the tube level indicator to see the strength of your tube (plus it looks very cool!) Never worry about turning knobs hoping the delay is in the right time with the added tap tempo button on the board. With the effects loop built into the pedal, you can plug in your favorite pedals to get the perfect, balanced tone. There’s also an external jack so you can control the pedal either with a remote or switching system. Also available are the REP-3 which is a solid state version of the pedal (no tube) and the Replay Jr. which doesn’t have a tube level indicator; neither of these pedals of the series effects loop like the Replay. Regardless of which delay you choose, all of them share the same engine and sound identical to one another.

  • Vacuum tube audio signal path
  • 16 khz of bandwidth
  • Tap Tempo
  • Delay Times Ranging From 20 ms to 1 Second

BUY HERE: Plush by FUCHS Audio Replay Tube Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

BUY HERE: Plush by FUCHS Audio Replay Jr. Tube Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

BUY HERE: Plush by FUCHS Audio REP-3 Tape Delay Guitar Effects Pedal


All of these FUCHS Audio products and more are available on

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