The new Resolv RXA Studio Monitors from Samson have been getting high marks for their no hype, precise audio imaging for recording, mixing, mastering and other multimedia applications. These bi-amp, ribbon tweeter monitors displace four times more air than traditional reference monitors, allowing studio engineers to better hear the subtle details of recorded instruments and work them into the mix. Beyond the studio, a set of RXAs are ideal for producing pro-level audio in a number of situations. Use them as desktop speakers to enjoy studio-quality sound when watching movies or gaming online with friends. With the RXAs, your music and multimedia listening experience will be elevated to a whole new level.

The Samson RXAs are available in two models, the RXA5 with a 5″ copolymer woofer and 70-watts of power and the RXA6 with a 6″ copolymer woofer and 100-watts of power

For a limited time, Samson is offering a MTR201 condenser microphone for free with the purchase of a pair of either the RXA5 or RXA6 Studio Monitors. The Samson MTR201 large diaphragm condenser microphone delivers pro studio quality recording for vocals, instruments, and more. This offer ends on 12/31/2014.